What Defines Abundance For You?

What outside the obvious defines abundance for you? What makes you feel like you’ve got it all?

I’ve been wanting to ask you this question for awhile now because I have found some crazy things in my space that make me feel abundant.

Here’s mine, don’t laugh (well, go ahead and laugh, because I do,) mine is paper towels and toilet paper!

Yup, that’s what makes me feel safe and secure in my world is knowing that we have paper towels and toilet paper. When I can stock up on these two things, I feel like I’ve got it all.

I chuckle to myself just writing it.

But as I said, it got me thinking about what makes us feel safe and secure, outside of the obvious.

If you’ve been working with me for even a short period of time, you know ‘seeing’ something isn’t enough for me, I always want to understand where a picture or programming comes from, and paper towels and toilet paper as indicators of abundance, definitely called for some digging to understand what is behind that?! More