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Leo and Your Soul Evolution

If Leo holds your primary opportunity for your deeper healing & growth, here is a starting overview of what you can work on to support your Soul Evolution

If you took my Soul Evolution™ Assessment, you know that more than one Zodiac sign holds the key to your Soul Evolution™. If you haven't taken the quiz yet - click here

Read on to learn about Soul Evolution™ and to gain deeper insight into what you are working on with Leo. When you are finished, if you’d like to read all of the Zodiac overviews, you’ll find that option at the end.

About Soul Evolution™

My purpose in life is to help humanity understand what lessons we are working on, how they show up in our lives, what challenges and opportunities these lessons hold for our growth and evolution, and to provide the tools and guidance to help people actually do the work they came here to do.

There are many ways that we can explore our life lessons and do the healing work that will lead us to embody our full potential as Spirit with a body.

One of the things I love to do is create containers in which we can do our deeper work. The Moon Cycles, Numerology, Goddess Mythology, The Seasons, Gateways, Portals, and Astrology. Each of these becomes a container or a PRISM through which we can explore what we working on and how we use these containers to deepen our healing and accelerate our growth.

Enter Astrology

I have been fascinated by astrology for many years, but not from a true astrological perspective. As mentioned, I look at astrology as a container that offers us opportunities to evolve energetically and consciously.

Your higher self has provided you with maps for your life’s growth work; your astrological chart is one of those maps.

In the summer of 2022, I was put on a SPIRIT-imposed break. I’ll admit that I was burned out from holding so much and so many together during COVID, but I wasn’t slowing down until Spirit insisted that I do.

I pretty much spent six weeks sitting in my Daily Practice space in the morning, floating in our pool during the day, and staring at the sky at night.

Eventually, new information started to come in, and one of the most exciting pieces was around our Soul Memory and our soul evolution.

We have to have a way of remembering what we came here to learn, to heal, and the growth we desired.

It is our Soul Memory that holds that information and carries it from one lifetime to the next.

It is the Soul Memory that, when we are unconscious, uses past experiences to try and keep us from making similar mistakes, getting off track, and missing the opportunities for learning and growth that are presented to us.

So each lifetime, we have an Astrological chart that maps out what we came here to work on.

Each sign has unevolved and evolved aspects, oftentimes referred to as negative and positive traits.

These aspects hold the key to our deeper healing and evolution.

In a moment, I’m going to share with you a quick overview of the areas where your greatest growth potential exists.

Please remember that knowing the information doesn’t mean you’ve done the work. That’s why I created the Soul Evolution™ program, to support you in doing this deeper healing and growth work.

Ok…so here you go…

If Leo is your primary area of focus right now your greatest growth exists in doing the healing and growth work around:

Evolved Aspects: Confidence, passion, generosity, charisma, creativity.

With evolved aspects, you may be working to embody these dynamics in your life.

Unevolved Aspects: Arrogance, dominance, self-centeredness, stubbornness, a need for attention.

With unevolved aspects, you may be working to move beyond these dynamics in your life.

Here are a few more examples:

Humility: Leo is often associated with pride and a need for attention and recognition. Practicing humility and acknowledging the contributions of others can help Leos build stronger relationships and gain respect from others.

Empathy: Leos are known for their strong personalities and can sometimes come across as self-centered. Developing empathy and understanding the perspectives of others can improve their relationships and help them become better leaders.

Flexibility: Leos can have a tendency to be stubborn and resistant to change. Learning to be more flexible and open-minded can help them adapt to new situations and become more resilient.

Self-reflection: Leos can be so focused on achieving their goals that they may not take the time to reflect on their actions and behaviors. Practicing self-reflection and introspection can help them identify areas for improvement and become more self-aware.

Listening skills: Leos can be great communicators, but they may not always listen to others as well as they should. Improving their listening skills and truly hearing what others have to say can help them build stronger relationships and improve their communication skills.

In Soul Evolution™, we take the primary areas of Leo, both unevolved and evolved, and apply my Intrinsic Energy Work® process to do the work that will create actual change.

So, for example, if you tend to be stubborn or unflexible, how do you change that? It’s not by trying not to be. That’s not what stubbornness and inflexibility are trying to teach you or show you -they are showing you where your deeper healing work lives.

Stubbornness and inflexibility each have pictures, programming, and wounding that can be worked energetically.

What we do in Soul Evolution™ is look at what is underneath stubbornness and inflexibility, what causes these dynamics, and then work to heal those areas.

That’s how you become open and flexible - you heal what causes you to react with stubbornness and inflexibility.

That’s just one example.

If you step into Soul Evolution™, you will absolutely not be the same person you are today as we will work through the unevolved and evolved aspects of not just Leo but all of the Zodiac signs.

I hope you will join me in Soul Evolution™.

It’s going to be life-changing (even lifetimes-changing ;-) )

If you’d like to read the reports for each Zodiac, you can do that here.













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