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Unlocking the Secrets of September's Numerology: How the Number 7 Influences Your Month.

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Unlocking the Secrets of September's Numerology: How the Number 7 Influences Your Month

September is here! The leaves are starting to change colors, the air is becoming crisper, I'm getting out my sweaters for sweater weather, and Pumpkin Spice is back.

But did you know that each month has a numerological vibe based on the month and the year? According to numerology, September 2023 is a 7 month. In this blog post, we'll explore the influence of September's numerology, particularly how the number 7 can affect your life and what themes to work on.

Just remember, not every September is a 7 month. The month's numerology is based on the Month + the Year - in this case, 9 (for September) + 2023 = 9+2+2+3= 16 = 1+6= 7.

So, this is a unique opportunity specific to this moment in time.

September's Numerology - How the Number 7 Vibe Might Show Up


September's numerology may bring a period of introspection. You may find yourself pondering big questions about your life path and purpose.

Spiritual Focus

The spiritual realm takes center stage during this month. This September's numerology invites you to explore the deeper meanings of life and living.

Research and Learning

The number 7 is linked to the search for knowledge. September's numerology might find you delving deep into books, scientific articles, or online courses.

Heightened Intuition

With the influence of the number 7 in September's numerology, you may experience more "gut feelings" or intuitive insights than usual.

Less Focus on the Material World

With 7 as September's numerology, you may see a shift in your focus away from material concerns, like money and possessions, steering you toward a more spiritual perspective.

Quiet Moments

September, under the influence of the number 7, will encourage you to seek out periods of solitude or, at the least, some quiet time for reflection.

Deeper Connections

Although the number 7 can symbolize solitude, September's numerology also encourages deep and meaningful interactions with close friends and loved ones.

Themes to Work on During September, According to The Numerology Vibration of the Number Seven.


September's numerology makes it an opportune time for self-discovery. This could involve exploring your hobbies and passions and discovering what really makes you tick. Tools like journaling, meditation, or even personality tests can offer deeper insights into who you are. Consider setting aside a few hours each week for self-exploration activities that you find fulfilling.

Intellectual Growth

This month, lean into your natural curiosity by seeking opportunities for intellectual growth. September's numerology offers an energetic backdrop conducive to learning. Whether it's enrolling in an online course, reading thought-provoking books, or diving into academic research, use this time to broaden your intellectual horizons.

Spiritual Practices

In alignment with the themes of September's numerology, focus on your spiritual life. If you’ve neglected this aspect, consider adopting daily spiritual practices such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, or affirmations. This is also a perfect time to explore nature as a form of spiritual communion. It's also a great time to step into a one-to-one session to gain clarity and insight and some helpful, energetic decluttering.

Listening to Your Intuition

Make intuition your close friend this month. In addition to your regular decision-making processes, set aside moments for quiet reflection where you can really tune into your intuitive voice. Consider practices like tarot reading, pendulum divination, or simply quiet contemplation to let your intuition guide you.

Quality Over Quantity

September's numerology calls you to emphasize the quality of your relationships and life experiences rather than accumulating more friends or filling your schedule with activities. Spend time with those who uplift and understand you on a deeper level and engage in activities that bring meaningful satisfaction rather than quick, superficial pleasure.


Simplicity is the name of the game during a 7-influenced month. Take this time to declutter your life on multiple levels. Physically, you could clean out your living spaces or simplify your wardrobe. Emotionally, it might involve setting boundaries or reducing commitments that don’t serve your highest good. Mentally, consider a digital detox or limiting news consumption to declutter your mind.

Rest and Reflect

With the 7 energy prominent in September's numerology, it calls you to allocate time for rest and reflection. Consider adopting a more relaxed pace and giving yourself permission to take things slow. Create a restful environment in your home, perhaps through ambient lighting or soft music, and indulge in activities that recharge your spirit.

Healthy Skepticism

September's numerology calls you to question things more deeply—whether it's a news story, a job offer, or even long-held beliefs. Conduct your own research, and don't accept everything at face value. Use your Intrinsic Energy Work® tools to pick apart your beliefs and look at them at their deeper energetic level. Pictures and programming influence what we believe and who we are. Using September's 7 vibration together with your IEW tools, you may just get to a deeper layer of your Truth! (If you don't have tools - shoot me a message, and I'll give you some options for getting started. You can use the chat box at the bottom right-hand corner.)

A core tenet of Intrinsic Energy Work® is using the energies around us as a container to help focus our deeper work. Without a container, we can be all over the place. When we use the numerology of the month we are in, we are aligning our work with the energies that are inherently present. September's numerology, influenced by the number 7, offers you a profound opportunity for introspection, growth, and transformation. From deepening your self-awareness to nurturing your intellectual and spiritual dimensions, this is a month to invest in becoming the best version of yourself.

Take advantage of these transformative energies this month to dig deep and make meaningful changes in your life.


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