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The Reading Stash provides you with $1700 worth of credit to apply to one-to-one readings.


The credits never expire and may be applied to 30-minute or 1-hour reading sessions. 


Reading Stash credits may not be used as a substitute to a coaching program (meaning you cannot book your sessions back to back.) These are intended to be used as check-ins, clean ups, and resets, not to do ongoing deeper work. Readings are considered to be stand-alone sessions and don't require me to hold ongoing space for your healing and growth - as I do with coaching work.


To book a session using your credits you can book through my online calendar (go to Work With Christine / Book a Session and follow the prompts. Go through the entire booking process and on the final screen there is a space to enter your Reading Stash Credits - $1 = 1 credit. So enter the number of credits to match the service fee. If you run out of credits it will tell you how many you can apply and you can pay the difference if you want to set up the session.  You can also still email support @ if you'd prefer to schedule that way.


You can check your Reading Stash credits at any time by logging in to my website, clicking the down arrow next to your profile pic (once logged in), and clicking on My Rewards.


I look forward to working with you!



Cyber Week Reading Stash Offer

$1,700.00 Regular Price
$935.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
Out of Stock
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