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This is one of my first creations - it's a 42 deck of Conscious Living Wisdom Cards.


Each card helps to move you into a deeper state of conscious living. 


The deck comes with a book that offers insight and guidance for each card.


You can use the deck with the booklet or just draw a card and use your intuition to guide you.


The Special Moms' edition was created to support moms in navigating both their own healing and growth as well as supporting their parenting and their child.

This deck is exactly the same as the regular deck, only its book has two sections - For You, and For Your Child. You can draw a card for yourself, or for your child to gather insight into what your child may need as well as guidance on how to support them. 


Please note that these were created in 2012 and I did not have the awareness to make these a Special Parents' Deck. If you can get past the word 'Moms' on the box and the outside of the booklet, they are inclusive within the deck. 



Special Moms' Edition - Conscious Living Wisdom Deck

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