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Your Guide 
to Selenite

The cover image for Your Guide to Selenite - it includes an image of an etched selenite candle holder - etched with moons and stars, a piece of raw single pointed clear quartz in the bottom right corner, two pink flowers and a white flower, plus a white shawl that the candle holder resets on. Also selenite is a milky white stone.
A Gift For You

Learn All About
Selenite in
This Comprehensive EBook

Discover what Selenite is, its properties, its relationship to your Spiritual healing and growth, and most importantly, how to use it to support and enhance your journey.

An image of Christine Agro with a Raspberry colored circle around her. Christine is a white woman with brown hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a silver heart necklace and the top of her red duster is visable on her shoulders.


Hi there!

I'm Christine Agro, a Metaphysical Authority, Clairvoyant, and Master Energy Worker. For over 23 years, I have been studying all things energy-related and exploring not only how energy affects us but also how to work with it.


Crystals and Stones are gifts from nature, and I especially love Selenite. It's such a beautiful and powerful stone and has so many ways to support us in our healing and growth.


I created this 30-page guide to get you started and hopefully inspire you to fall in love with Selenite too.

Drop your info below, and you'll get immediate access to the guide.

Here's Exactly What You'll Find Inside

  • What is Selenite? 

  • History and Mythology 

  • Spiritual Significance 

  • Understanding Selenite's Spiritual Properties 

  • Energy and Chakra Alignment

  • Purification and Cleansing 

  • Enhancing Intuition and Psychic Abilities 

  • Connecting with Higher Realms 

  • Amplifying Other Crystals 

  • Selecting and Caring for Selenite 

  • Choosing the Right Selenite 

  • Cleaning and Clearing Selenite 

  • Charging and Energizing Selenite 

  • Protection and Storage 

  • Ways to Use Selenite for Healing, Growth, and Wisdom 

  • Meditation and Mindfulness 

  • Energy Healing and Balancing 

  • Chakra Healing and Alignment 

  • Aura Cleansing and Shielding 

  • Enhancing Intuition and Psychic Abilities 

  • Dream Work and Astral Projection 

  • Manifestation and Affirmations 

  • Enhancing Spiritual Growth and Wisdom 

  • Selenite Practices for Specific Intentions 

  • Healing Physical Ailments

  • Emotional Healing and Release 

  • Stress Relief and Relaxation 

  • Enhancing Creativity and Inspiration 

  • Spiritual Protection and Shielding 

  • Enhancing Communication and Clarity 

  • Strengthening Intuition and Psychic 

  • Abilities Connecting with Higher Guides and Angels 

  • Selenite Rituals and Ceremonies 

  • Selenite Grids and Layouts Selenite 

  • Wand Healing 

  • Selenite Bathing and Cleansing 

  • Selenite Charging and Amplification 

  • Selenite in Sacred Spaces and Altars 

  • Full Moon Selenite Ritual 

  • Integrating Selenite into Daily Life 

  • Selenite Jewelry and Accessories 

  • Selenite Home Décor and Environment 

  • Selenite Elixirs and Infusions 

  • Selenite for Meditation and Yoga 

  • Selenite in Workspaces and Offices 

  • Recap of Selenite's Benefits 

  • Encouragement for Personal Exploration 

  • Continued Journey with Selenite

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