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A Little About Me

Pink Sugar

Hi there! 

I'm Christine Agro,

a Metaphysical Authority,

Spiritual Teacher,

Clairvoyant and

Master Energy Worker.


I have a

Traditional Naturopathic degree,

a Master Herbalist degree,

and a Master Iridologist degree.

Plus I'm certified in numerous modalities

(and I have a BFA & an MBA.)

I'm a doer, a learner.

In the business world,

I've built out whole departments, 

reorganized for maximum results,

raised over $30 million dollars,

and at times I've done the job

of 5 people, because the work

needed to be done.

I've been told I have grit

because I don't take 'no'

for an answer.

I find a way.

I love to gather insight & knowledge.

I'm genuinely curious and

I believe Amusement and Joy

are integral to moving energy.

So I naturally laugh, a lot.

My work is infused with all of this.