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A Little About Me

Pink Sugar

Hi there! 

I'm Christine Agro,

a Metaphysical Authority,

Spiritual Teacher,

Clairvoyant and

Master Energy Worker.


I have a

Traditional Naturopathic degree,

a Master Herbalist degree,

and a Master Iridologist degree.

Plus I'm certified in numerous modalities

(and I have a BFA & an MBA.)

I'm a doer, a learner.

In the business world,

I've built out whole departments, 

reorganized for maximum results,

raised over $30 million dollars,

and at times I've done the job

of 5 people, because the work

needed to be done.

I've been told I have grit

because I don't take 'no'

for an answer.

I find a way.

I love to gather insight & knowledge.

I'm genuinely curious and

I believe Amusement and Joy

are integral to moving energy.

So I naturally laugh, a lot.

My work is infused with all of this.

'You can create your life or you can accept what comes.

I much prefer to shape my experiences.

It makes life more simple and creates a beautiful flow.

Why live a life of whatever?'

Christine Agro

Our Mission

About My Work

I've been doing my work for 23 years, and before that,

I was always an observer who saw things that others didn't

and who was tapped into deeper knowledge & wisdom.

I've worked with people around the world,

and in total over 300,000.

My first vision happened when I was seven.

Plus, hearing people's thoughts and conversations

(when we weren't in the same room) was a common occurrence. 

In 1999, I found a program that helped me hone

my higher sense of Clairvoyance

and taught me how to read from a place of neutrality and clarity.

From there, I began to see everything in its energetic state,

and not only that, understand how to navigate

what I was seeing by creating energy tools.

My work is a combination of my ability to see everything as energy,

my ability to create tools to work that energy,

and my belief that you *must* learn your own lessons

- so I don't do your work for you, I teach you how to do the work for yourself.

I call this work Intrinsic Energy Work®.

Whether you are getting a reading,

working with me in my powerful one-to-one space,

or stepping into group work or self-directed work,

the goal is always to support you in your deeper healing

and to help you accelerate your growth,

your evolution, and your consciousness.

An image of Christine Agro standing on her porch, smiling, wearing a flora  duster and black tank top.

An Intro To
Intrinsic Energy Work®

What is Intrinsic Energy Work?

If you have been searching for answers, 

for healing, for clarity, this is what you have been looking for. 


Intrinsic Energy Work has evolved out of my 25 years 

of working with more than 250,000 people 

around the world, and through doing my own work. 


I see everything as energy 

and my work is comprised of 

clairvoyance, energy work, and empowered healing. 


These are the essential ingredients 

that lead to deep healing and lasting transformation.

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