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What Is Intrinsic Energy Work®?

If you have been searching for answers, 

for healing, for clarity, this is what you have been looking for. 


Intrinsic Energy Work has evolved out of my 25 years 

of working with more than 300,000 people 

around the world, and through doing my own work. 


I see everything as energy 

and my work is comprised of 

clairvoyance, energy work, and empowered healing. 


These are the essential ingredients 

that lead to deep healing and lasting transformation.

Everything is Energy®

You may have heard this before, that everything is energy, 

but without a process behind it, 

it doesn't really mean much. 

I mean, so whatif everything is energy? 

How does knowing that change anything in your life? 


But I take Everything is Energy to heart. 

I see everything in its energetic construct, 

which means, I see when it entered your space, 

I understand how it's tangled up, 

I see what it's tangled up with, 

and because I can see it, 

I can help you untangle it.


In a nutshell, my ability to see Everything as Energy 

is exactly why this work is so powerful and effective.


Clairvoyance means Clear Seeing 

and it is an ability we all have.


Just as you can see with your eyes, 

you have access to your

higher sense of sight.

I have spent years honing my

ability to see clearly and

it is an integral part

of my Intrinsic Energy Work®

Whether I'm looking for you or 

teaching you how to see for yourself, 

when you look at everything 

at its core level, 

it allows you

to unravel all the pieces 

that keep you stuck

in old pictures, 

old programming,

and core wounds. 

Intrinsic Energy Work®

Intrinsic Energy Work® is the term I use 

to explain just exactly what this work is.  


When you combine the concept that everything is energy 

together with the ability

to see everything as energy, 

you get the top note of

Intrinsic Energy Work®. 

The middle note

is the activation of the energies

that don't serve you.


With the ability to actually 

see the energies

you are carrying, 

I can name them,

I can poke them,

I can activate them. 

When these energies are activated, 

they can then be cleared and released, 

which is what the bottom note of 

Intrinsic Energy Work® is made up of 

- tools that help you

actually clear and release 

the energies and wounds 

you've been carrying around for so long. 

Empowered Healing

Intrinsic Energy Work® 

leads to empowered healing.

And here's why...

Only you can heal yourself.

If someone is doing 

the healing work for you, 

you may get a moment of relief, 

but whatever you are working 

on is going to show back up.

When you do Intrinsic Energy Work® 

you are guided to do your own work.


You are given the information 

and the tools

to look at, 



and release, 

the energies you carry

and ultimately 

heal your own wounds.

With Intrinsic Energy Work®, 

I create an empowering, safe container 

for you to go deep into your healing 

and experience true transformation.

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