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Nurture your woo with this beautiful Mystical Moon Box. 


Please note:

Single-box purchases receive the items shown here. (Exact items may vary slightly.)


For event gifts (bridal shower, birthday, etc.) please reach out for quantity orders and allow enough time. For special event orders, you may also customize the Selenite piece - options include Crescent Moons, Etched Hearts, and Etched Mandalas - request images. We're happy to work with you to customize your event box.




Each box includes:


A beautiful Selenite collector's piece - Selenite helps you heighten your intuition and connect to the higher realms. It promotes peace & calm as well. Selenite is associated with the Goddess Selene who is known as the Moon Goddess. Selene's connection to intuition and psychic vision helps you find solutions oftentimes through dreams and visions. Each month you receive a new piece to add to your collection.


Self-Care Rituals New Moon & Full Moon Bath Salts There are only a few things more rejuvenating than a soak in the tub. Add in the power of the moon, and intention setting as a ritual and you've got a magical brew to help you transform your blocks and manifest your desires. You receive two tins of bath salts. One for the New Moon & one for the Full Moon.


You also get Spiritual Seeker's Guided Cards that give you guided direction for manifesting on the New Moon and healing and expanding during the Full Moon. 


Moon Cone Incense Activating your sense of smell helps to increase your awareness. Burning incense also helps to clear negativity and the smoke creates a link between your intentions and the Spiritual realm. 


Crystal Infused Moon Candle  This candle is specifically made to help you connect with and work with the Intrinsic Energies of the different Moon phases. Each candle is a handcrafted, scentless soy candle that includes crystal pieces to help charge the power of the candle.  Labradorite & Selenite, Amethyst, and Peridot.


  • Labradorite supports new levels of self-discovery, heightens intuition, and brings new awareness and consciousness, elevating psychic abilities. 

  • Selenite helps you heighten your intuition and connect to the higher realms. It promotes peace & calm as well.

  • Amethyst stimulates the Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras expanding your ability to see psychically as well as accelerating the development of your intuition.

  • Peridot resonates with the frequency of 'increase' so it helps with manifestation and in the promotion of happiness. It also helps ward off negativity. 

Mystical Moon Box

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Please note - Selenite is sensitive to water. Please do not immerse it or get it wet, it will alter the stone (or disolve it altogether.)

    To clean your selenite, simply place it in the Moon light to recharge.

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