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Chakra Evolution: 13 Chakras

Aug 3, 2024 - Sep 25, 2025

  • 419Days


Evolve through the 13 Chakras - bringing them into present time and learning how to integrate them into your physical world experience. Learn to understand, heal, and use the core energetic Chakra system to elevate your life experience. We will explore one Chakra each month, and your program consists of two group sessions plus a one-to-one session. This is a 13-month program. The first group session is on each month's first Saturday (10 AM ET). In this session, you will explore the energies of the monthly Chakra and gain insight. This session sets up your work for the month. Next, you will have a 30-minute One-on-one with Christine to focus on your Chakra and gain personal insight to support your journey. The second group session is on each month's final Thursday (8 PM ET). This session will be all Intrinsic Energy Work®, and we will explore tapping into this Chakra, functioning from it, and as the program moves along, connecting the flow along the Spiritual Column. There are many pieces to stepping into our full power. Anything connected to alignment and the Spiritual Column accelerates our access to our power.

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Chakra Evolution: 13 Chakras

Chakra Evolution: 13 Chakras

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