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Soul Evolution™ - Variations on Impatience

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Soul Evolution™ - Variations on Impatience

What is Soul Evolution™

Soul Evolution™ is my deep, and I mean deep, dive program into doing the healing and growth work that you came here to do this lifetime.

The premise is this: Your astrological chart holds the key to what you wanted to learn & heal, and because we've been in this process of evolution for so long, your Soul Memory brings into your current lifetime all the healing and growth work you've been doing - so in essence, you are working on not just one astrological sign's evolution, but some part of all of them.

Soul Evolution™ uses the collective energies associated with each Zodiac sign and walks you through deep and powerful Intrinsic Energy Work® that helps you consciously do the work you've been trying to do.

By moving this work into a conscious zone, your healing and growth are deeper, and your life experience begins to change - life becomes easier, more flowing, more abundant, and more meaningful.

If you are interested, you can get on the wait list for my 2024 program, which will start in April 2024. I'll be holding a webinar to talk more about Intrinsic Energy Work® and about Soul Evolution™, and what you can expect from your experience in the program.

Variations on Impatience

Let me get to some of the very cool insights and information that is arising out of Soul Evolution™.

Within each zodiac, there are unevolved and evolved aspects.

The unevolved aspects are the challenges that push us to do our healing and evolution.

The evolved aspects are states of being that, when embodied, are the essence of being evolved.

Some of the unevolved aspects show up in several of the Zodiac, so, for example, stubbornness is oftentimes associated with Taurus, but it's also a Leo unevolved trait.

So here's an exciting insight coming out of Soul Evolution™, and we will use Impatience as an example.

If you struggle with being impatient - there are many variations of impatience and many things that can be fueling that impatience.

When you try to work on 'not being impatient,' you may or may not be successful, and it may take you a long time to experience the growth you desire.

When you step into Soul Evolution™, through my Intrinsic Energy Work® process, you begin to work on impatience in a variety of ways - think of it as looking at impatience through a prism that breaks impatience apart, helping you to see and understand that it isn't the result of one specific thing, it has many facets.

Take a look at this list - it gives you an initial glimpse at how the energy of each Zodiac sign influences impatience. If you are challenged with impatience, the key to your healing and growth exists in working on impatience from all of these varied perspectives.

  • Aries Impatience: Originating from Aries' inherently impulsive and fiery disposition, this impatience frequently instigates hasty actions and decisions without a full appraisal of potential consequences.

  • Taurus Impatience: This form of impatience arises when Taurus' normally calm and steady tempo is disrupted or expedited. It incites a resistance to change and an urge to regain the familiar rhythm.

  • Gemini Impatience: Gemini impatience emerges from an intellect that craves constant stimulation. It leads to abrupt shifts in conversation or plans as a way to fend off boredom.

  • Cancer Impatience: Triggered when a sense of emotional security and comfort is under threat, Cancer impatience often results in heightened emotional responses in a bid to quickly restore equilibrium.

  • Leo Impatience: Stemming from a deep-seated desire for recognition and praise, Leo impatience can drive the sign to seek more attention, even becoming restless or demanding if this need isn't quickly met.

  • Virgo Impatience: Virgo impatience grows from their perfectionist nature. When reality doesn't meet their high standards or expectations, it surfaces as criticism or overemphasis on detail.

  • Libra Impatience: Rooted in a strong desire for harmony and balance, Libra impatience is typically provoked by conflict or imbalance. This often propels them to initiate premature negotiations or mediation efforts.

  • Scorpio Impatience: Scorpio impatience is stoked by unfulfilled deep desires or emotions. It leads to an intense focus, even obsession, in an attempt to meet these unaddressed needs.

  • Sagittarius Impatience: Born of a thirst for freedom and adventure, Sagittarius impatience causes restlessness and frustration when they feel confined or bored.

  • Capricorn Impatience: Capricorn impatience, fueled by ambition and a strong desire for progress, emerges when their goals are delayed or they perceive inefficiency. This prompts them to push even harder to achieve their objectives.

  • Aquarius Impatience: Aquarius impatience is roused by a rebellious and innovative spirit feeling stifled. When they perceive a lack of creative freedom, it manifests as edginess and irritability.

  • Pisces Impatience: Pisces' impatience springs from an unmet need for emotional depth and connection. It typically channels itself through creative or escapist means as a way to fulfill this yearning.

The biggest obstacle I see with Soul Evolution™ is this - you need to change how you relate to zodiac information. We aren't using the Zodiac to inform us what will happen and in what area of our life.

It doesn't matter if you are an Aries - when it comes to your deeper healing, growth, and evolution, you are working on several, if not all, of the characteristics in the other zodiac signs as well.

We are using the Zodiac information as a container. We are using the negative and positive traits as subjects to help focus our Intrinsic Energy Work®.

My work has always accelerated growth, healing, and awareness for my clients and students, but Soul Evolution™ is next level.

It is such a comprehensive program - not only using the unevolved and evolved aspects of each sign to focus our Intrinsic Energy Work®, but also using the Intrinsic Energies® of the Chakras, the Element, the Mode, and the Planet associated with each Zodiac.

After just four months of leading Soul Evolution™ (we have worked on Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer), I am seeing students experience greater clarity, a stronger connection to their truth, their purpose, their intuition, their own knowledge, as well as less reactivity, less overwhelm, less uncertainty, and less struggle all-around.

If you are interested in more information about Soul Evolution™ and to join the waitlist for the next program - share your info here.

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