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What You Need To Know When You Step Onto A Secular Spiritual Path

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

long distance photo of a woman walking through shallow water with the sky reflected in the water. Creating the sense that she is walking on clouds. Used to represent a post on walking a secular spiritual path.

What You Need To Know When You Step Onto A Secular Spiritual Path

I just finished binge-watching Greenleaf on Netflix (originally aired on OWN.) It's the story of a family who lead a Black Mega Church in Tennessee.

It was a curious mix of scripture, faith, and family coupled with corruption, chaos, and drama. I used to get bothered (maybe even triggered) when I would stumble upon a show (like Sweet Magnolias) that was dripping in faith, but something has shifted.

A new growth step, a new awareness, and here's what I want you to know - especially if you are coming to your Secular Spiritual Path from the halls of organized religion.

The two paths aren't that much different. The journey is similar - can you have certainty in what you believe?

If you look at religion, there are those who walk the path but don't follow any of the edicts.

There are those who follow the edicts as best they can and who try to have faith but are always wondering if God is really there for them. Their prayers amount to pleas and begging.

Then there are those who believe 100%. Their God sees them and knows them, and the path they walk is guided by God's love and light. I think these folks are few and far between.

Our Spiritual journey is no different.

If you believe in the Universe, it's similar if not the same as believing in God. You are putting your trust and faith in something outside of yourself to guide you, protect you, and provide for you. The only thing missing is the rule book for how to live.

If you believe that your Spirit is the source of what you create - that you are your own creator - you also follow the same path: You can trust that you are creating for yourself, but if you doubt, it's not going to happen because becoming one with your Spirit is the goal.

If you can know that you are your own source and fully embrace that truth, then you've made it!

As I've evolved in my conscious awareness and connection to my divine source, one piece of insight I gathered is recognizing the essential role certainty plays.

If we doubt, we aren't living in alignment with our Spirit.

If we doubt, we aren't there yet.

If we doubt, we are still walking a path of uncertainty, and in that uncertainty, we cannot and will not create for ourselves.

I think the secular Spiritual path is more difficult because we have to believe in ourselves.

There is no outside source that is more powerful or more knowing.

It is us.

We have to find and hold the alignment with our Spirit.

We have to surrender the roles that, in our unconsciousness, our mind, ego, and emotions have been playing. In this growth step, these aspects of ourselves become the vehicle through which our Spirit can guide us.

On this path -

You are the answer.

You are the Universe.

You are the One.

You are the Divine.

Do you believe in yourself?

If you don't, you aren't failing or wrong; there is just work to do. This is the journey. This is the path you have stepped onto.

Practice believing in yourself as much as the most devout religious person believes in God and recognize the difference between putting your faith in someone else versus having certainty in your own divine power.

Join me in All About The Vibes and let me know if this shifted anything for you.

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