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2023 Was A Tough One - Here's Why - The 7 Year Challenges and Growth

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2023 - The 7 Year Challenges and Growth

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In numerology, each year within the 9-year cycle has its unique theme and energy, and the experiences in one year lay the groundwork for the following year.

2023 was a 7 year, and if it felt like you were being tried at every turn, that's because the 7 energy is about introspection, deep learning, and making (or at least identifying) where you need to create change, make shifts, or step in a new direction.

When we don't come to these awarenesses with ease, the Universe is going to help us get there by doing things like pulling the carpet out from under us and closing doors to push us into the direction we should be going. This can feel overwhelming and challenging, but if you understand that you are being asked to course correct and you don't fight it, it can be an exciting time of curiosity as to where you are being guided.

What we want to do, before we fully step into 2024, is make sure we get the growth and healing that 2023 offers us.

Let's take a look at some of what you might have been working on in 2023 - let me know in the comments if something resonates with you and how it showed up.

2023 - The 7 Year Challenges and Growth

A Time of Reflection and Inner Growth

What were you working on, and what area of your life did it show up?

Introspection and Self-Discovery: The 7 year is often seen as a time for deep introspection and spiritual growth. This is a period where individuals are encouraged to look inward, understand themselves better, and connect with their inner wisdom.

Learning and Knowledge: It's a year for intellectual growth and learning. This could involve studying, researching, or exploring new areas of interest that challenge the mind.

Solitude and Quiet: The energy of a 7 year can be more introspective and may encourage solitude or periods of quiet reflection. This allows for a deeper understanding of one's desires, fears, and dreams.

Spiritual Development: Many find that their spiritual life takes on greater significance during a 7 year, leading to an exploration of personal beliefs, values, and life’s purpose.

2023 Challenges You May Have Experienced

And here are some of the challenges you may have experienced - let me know in the comments which ones you experienced in 2023.

The Feeling of Isolation or Loneliness

Since a 7 year encourages introspection and solitude, you may have felt isolated or disconnected from others. If you are used to a bustling social life or external validation, this may have lit up core wounds around not being enough, not belonging, and abandonment.

Internal Conflicts and Doubts

2023 may have brought to the surface unresolved internal conflicts, deep-seated fears, or doubts. With the introspective nature of the year it may have led to overthinking or heightened self-criticism.

Difficulty in Material or Practical Matters

With the focus turning inwards, handling everyday practical and material matters might have become more challenging. You may have experienced a sense of being out of touch with the practicalities of life or a disinterest in them.

Struggle with Slower Pace

The energy of a 7 year is generally slower and more reflective, which can be frustrating for those who are action-oriented and used to fast-paced environments. 2023 might have felt like it was a slow crawl and like your ability to create what you want was just out of reach.

Spiritual and Existential Questioning

2023, with its 7 vibration, may have brought about big questions about life, purpose, and spiritual beliefs. These existential questions may have felt daunting and led to a sense of uncertainty or existential angst.

Resistance to Change

The process of inner growth often requires change, which can be uncomfortable. You may have gained insight into old patterns, beliefs, or behaviors that no longer serve your highest good, yet struggled to let them go.

Health Issues

In a 7 year, the focus on introspection deepens the connection between mind and body. The push to create change, the exploration of deep thoughts, and the existential questions that can arise can lead to unresolved stress or emotional turmoil.

Before You Go

If you have experienced any of this, I encourage you to step into a one-to-one session with me so we can get your 7 year cleaned up. The key to smoother healing and growth rests in awareness of what you are working on and releasing and clearing the energy that comes with that awareness. Getting a session isn't a luxury - it should be part of your personal care.

Remember, everything is energy - your thoughts, emotions, and experiences are all made up of energy, and that is why working on things at the energetic level offers the most powerful healing process. Knowing something doesn't clear it. Moving it, shifting it, transforming - that clears it.

If you want to know what 2024 will bring, be sure to subscribe (use the box in the footer). As soon as I post, you'll get an email.

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