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Bridging the Gap Between Self-Perception and Self-Healing: Unraveling Intrinsic Energy Work®

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Yaniv Knobel | Unspalsh

Bridging the Gap Between Self-Perception and Self-Healing: Unraveling Intrinsic Energy Work®

Our journey towards self-healing is a unique, multi-faceted exploration.

Often, we think we're making progress, healing our wounds, and moving towards a state of balance, yet find ourselves revolving around familiar patterns of discomfort or distress. There is a reason for this: Our mind is an architect that constructs the world from the foundation of its own knowledge. This principle applies even when it comes to self-healing. Our mind can only envision what it already knows, limiting our capacity to venture into unexplored territories of healing.

When we approach self-healing solely through mental activities like reading, contemplating, or discussing our issues, we may inadvertently confine ourselves to a circle of known perspectives. In essence, we reiterate what we already understand rather than uncovering new dimensions of our issue that need healing. However, by integrating an additional, more holistic approach— my Intrinsic Energy Work® process —we significantly expand our healing capabilities.

Intrinsic Energy Work® constitutes an alternative paradigm in the healing process that pivots from cognitive efforts to energy dynamics. This technique assumes that everything around us, including our body and mind, is composed of energy; that our deeper healing happens when we learn to see it all in its energetic state and when we have the tools to clear, transmute and transform the patterns, pictures, programming, and wounds that make up our discomfort and distress. As much as knowing isn't healing, seeing isn't, either.

Every problem or issue we face is fundamentally an energy pattern. By learning to perceive this energy, we can begin to address our issues at their most elemental level. Intrinsic Energy Work® provides the necessary toolkit to perceive and manipulate these energy patterns, a process that goes beyond cognitive understanding.

This doesn't imply that knowledge is unimportant. On the contrary, it is a crucial step in the self-healing process. Awareness of our issues, understanding their origins, and identifying their consequences is a fundamental starting point. However, true healing requires going beyond intellectual knowledge. It involves moving deeper into the substratum of the issue, viewing it not as a mental or emotional problem but as an energy that can be realigned or released.

By adopting the tools and techniques of Intrinsic Energy Work®, we can shift our focus from merely understanding our problems to actively transforming their energy patterns. This approach enables us to perceive the energy behind our issues and effectively alter it, leading to a profound and sustainable healing experience.

The allure of this practice lies in its versatility and profundity. It isn't merely a palliative treatment addressing the surface symptoms but a transformative technique that delves into the core of the issue. It empowers us to tune into our energetic nature, uncover the roots of our problems, and effectively initiate the process of self-healing.

Embracing Intrinsic Energy Work® expands our mental boundaries, allowing us to venture beyond the known and the familiar. It gifts us a fresh perspective, imbuing us with a deeper understanding of our issues and how they affect our life energy. By perceiving and altering our energy, we initiate a transformative process that ripples through every aspect of our lives, from our physical health to our mental and emotional well-being.

The journey toward self-healing can be both challenging and rewarding. However, it's vital to recognize that the mind, with all its knowledge and comprehension, is just the starting point. Intrinsic Energy Work® offers us the chance to dive deeper, revealing the unseen energetic dynamics at play. Only by embracing this deeper understanding and gaining the tools to work on it at its deepest level can we truly experience the healing we seek.

The key to this transformative healing lies in bridging the gap between our perception and reality, between what we think we know and what we can genuinely perceive and transform at an energetic level.

That's the beauty and power of Intrinsic Energy Work®.

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