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Embracing October's Intrinsic Energies: Thinning of the Veil

an outdoor image of a road with trees on either side heading into fog - used to elicit the feeling associated with this post on the Thinning of the Veil.

Embracing October's Intrinsic Energies: Thinning of the Veil

October holds a unique energy, unlike any other month of the year. You might have felt it: a gentle, poignant connection to those no longer with us. This isn’t mere coincidence; October is a time when the veil between our world and the Spirit world is at its thinnest.

Historically, religiously, and culturally, this month has been marked by various traditions that honor and remember those who have passed away. Whether it's Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, or All Souls Day, each festivity taps into the universal sentiment that the veil between this world and the afterlife is at its thinnest, allowing Spirits to walk among us and enhancing our ability to connect with those that have passed on. This makes October a powerful time for connection and communication.

What You Might Experience With The Thinning of The Veil

As the veil thins, here are a few things you may experience:

  • You may start to have more memories of those who have passed or of your own lifetime.

  • You may gain greater clarity about past experiences that involve those who have transitioned.

  • You may hear noises in your home.

  • You may smell perfume, cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, or other scents that let you know someone who has passed is walking near you.

  • You may hear your name being called.

  • You may have more vivid dreams and conversations within those dreams.

  • You may wake from those dreams feeling out of sorts and a little confused.

Opening The Door To The Spirit Plain

The Thinning of the Veil can not only provide a bridge for your loved ones to reach out and connect, but it can also open the door for those who have yet to move on from this plain to the Spirit plain to be 'seen or heard' walking in their old life.

When I first saw this, it was fascinating.

If we don't return to Spirit, we may continue to walk and live in our old life - like a hologram - as if we are still here. Those of us who are here don't typically see this, but with the Thinning of the Veil, we can hear, see, and smell aspects of that parallel life still being lived.

  • A cupboard door opens.

  • A light turns on.

  • You hear a toilet seat drop.

  • You hear the floorboards creaking upstairs.

  • Your animals sit and watch something go by that no one else can see.

These things happen when the veil isn't thinned, but we don't always experience them. When the veil is thin, we catch glimpses of this other world.

How to Tap Into The Thinning of The Veil

October is a great month to reflect on your own life experiences and do some deeper healing work.

  • It's a time to let go of grudges and old wounds -use my highly effective Heal Without Forgiving program - in 35 minutes, you'll have released a ton.

  • It's a time to reflect on your memories and see if you can find more threads.

  • It's a time to journal about your family, your lineage, and your loved ones who have passed.

  • It's a time to honor those who have come before - family, ancestors, those who lived and walked where you do, even if you didn't know them.

A Greater Connection to the Other Side

The main thing I want you to know is this - a Spirit walking a parallel path isn't aware of you - or if they are, it's the same as your awareness of them - maybe a cupboard door swings open in their reality as you go into your cabinet for a cup. Just as you can't really interact with them, they aren't or can't interact with you either.

Those who are trying to connect with you directly shouldn't be feared either.

If you are being reached out to or you'd like to try connecting - try this:

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy® Daily Practice space. (What - you just said you don't have one :-) - get started here - it's simple - IEDailyPractice )

  • After you set up your space, envision a chair out in front of you and invite your loved one to join you. Your ability to see may be crystal clear, like 3D vision, or it may be an impression or a sense - like when you call up a memory of someone in your mind's eye - they are both 'seeing.'

  • Spend time connecting - what do you notice, what do you feel?

  • Ask questions, or share what you want or need to.

  • Be thankful for their presence.

  • Thank them for coming and bless them on their way.

October offers you a unique. When the Thinning of the Veil happens, it's a time to see what hasn't been seen and to connect with those who have come before.


Join the conversation - share your comments below - what experiences have you had with the Thinning of the Veil?

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