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Healing the Energy of Old Wounds

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Healing the Energy of Old Wounds

Old wounds are a curious thing. They bubble up, sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere. You could be watching a movie, or quietly sipping coffee, or scrolling through social media, and bam! there it is, an old wound surfacing.

Sometimes, these moments get triggered by associating something we read or saw, or they can surface because, in our subconscious, we are looping through the memory, and as we do, the wound rises to the surface.

The long shadow of past wounds:

Every one of us, at some point in our lives, experiences pain. Whether it's a betrayal by a loved one, a heartbreak, a loss, or a traumatic event, these wounds embed themselves into our psyche. Like an invisible backpack, you might carry this weight unknowingly, its energy influencing your daily actions, decisions, and perceptions.

Old traumas manifest in various forms. Have you ever felt an inexplicable fear of something seemingly benign? Or found yourself overreacting to a situation that didn't warrant such a strong reaction? These are often the echoes of old wounds calling out to you. These past traumas create fears, triggers, and blockages in the present. They can halt your progress, deter you from pursuing your dreams, or even keep you from forming meaningful relationships.

Why Intrinsic Energy Work® Works

There are a few things that happen when you choose to look at your wounds as energy rather than memories.

Memories live in the mind, and the mind will strive to understand the memory, make sense of it, and find a resolution. Sometimes, oftentimes, with wounds, that isn't possible.

The wound doesn't live in the mind; it lives somewhere in your being - in your emotions, your analyzer, your ego, your physical body - but rarely does it live in your mind.

When you learn to look at your wounds, you see them for what they are - a moment in time when you were hurt - you lost some or all of these things: your value, your worth, your voice, your trust, your sense of self, or your personal power.

When you learn to see your wounds as energy, the answer to healing becomes clear - release the energy it holds and reclaim what was lost.

Healing Wounds

The journey to healing these old wounds isn't linear; it's a spiral where you might revisit a wound more than once.

Here's what I have learned over the years about healing our wounds.

We heal in layers.

Once we experience a wound, we tend to repeat the same dynamic repeatedly, hoping to get a different outcome to heal that initial experience. But what tends to happen is we add more layers of that hurt on top of the original wound. When we step into conscious healing work and begin untangling our wounds, we start peeling off the layers. The more layers we clear, the closer we get to healing and releasing the core wound.

We never go backward.

I see people get down on themselves, feel like they aren't getting anywhere, and feel frustrated. Because we have all those layers to heal and release, it can feel like we aren't moving forward. I've been there in the past - wondering, 'why am I still working on this.' But today, I see that we aren't working on the same thing, and we haven't gone backward when something we thought we healed reappears - it's a new layer and something to celebrate because it means you are getting closer to the core wound.

Talking isn't necessarily healing.

Whether you are talking to friends or a professional, talking about our wounds doesn't heal them.

Talking can be an essential step in our healing. That said, I have seen many clients who have been in Talk Therapy for years and feel like they are no further ahead. They work with me a few times, making great strides, and here's why. First, they've done a lot of their work through Talk Therapy, so it's not a waste or a failure, but when they get to me, there is so much energy to be released and cleared.

Talk Therapy doesn't teach you how to remove what you discover. It can help you understand, but that places your wounding in your mental space of knowing, and knowing isn't healing; it's understanding. Talking, whether with friends or a professional, can also keep you in the loop of your wound.

Even in this work, if someone continues to go over the same thing and things aren't shifting, I will turn the picture and look at it from a different angle. Often, what is going on is that there is an additional piece of the puzzle that we are missing. By turning the picture, we can see a new area that needs healing. But you will get stuck there if you are talking about the same dynamic from the same angle.

Triggers are messengers not to be avoided.

In today's culture, I see people running from their triggers. They don't want to get lit up. I get that our triggers are painful and can even be panic-inducing, but this is because we, as a collective, don't understand what triggers are. On top of that, we learn to run away from our triggers and avoid them.

Triggers are messengers. They are our body's way of saying, 'Hey, there is something here that doesn't serve me.' They are our body's way of lighting up the energy that wants to be released. But the general population doesn't have the tools or awareness to release it. Instead, they say, 'This is uncomfortable. I don't want to experience it, so take the trigger away.' The trigger will happen again and again because, inherently, we want to heal.

When you learn how to look at everything as energy and learn how to work everything energetically, you will no longer run from your triggers. You will see them as gifts on your path of healing.

Finding the root of a wound releases it for good.

You will release the wound for good when you find the root of the wound - what caused it, when it happened, and why it happened (e.g., what you were working on, what you wanted to learn). I love these moments because as you process that a wound is gone, you'll look for it when it usually would surface, and you won't find it. At first, you'll find an echo of it, where it used to be, only it won't be there. Eventually, you stop looking for it because you know it's really gone.

Your journey is never wrong.

I want you to know that your journey, with its twists, turns, and occasional stumbles, is valid, and no step is ever a mistake. Everything you do and everything you experience is leading you to live as your whole self.

And your journey is absolutely a testament to your resilience.

Remember, the process of healing is continuous. Just like a garden, your healing requires regular tending. It requires the right tools.

You heal old wounds while cultivating a deeper connection with your true self, creating room for new joys, hopes, and dreams to take root.

Next time an old wound surfaces, rather than pushing it away or pushing it down, see if you can sit with it. Ask it some questions - who are you? What do you need? How can you help me heal?

Embrace your journey, cherish the lessons, and, most importantly, know you're not alone. With self-compassion, conscious awareness, and Intrinsic Energy Work®, we can heal the energy of old wounds and step into our full self-expression.


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