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Tap Into The Power of This October's Numerology: The Influence of the Number 8

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

An image of an wooden Trail Marker 8 sign used to highlight the  journey or path of using October's Numerology - the number 8 - to support growth and healing.

Tap Into The Power of This October's Numerology: The Influence of the Number 8

As the leaves put on their spectacular display, pumpkin spice is on the menu, and it's sweater weather, October brings with it more than just a change in season. Within the world of numerology, each month resonates with a unique vibrational frequency. This October, we're attuned to the powerful energy of the number 8. Derived from adding the month (10) to the year (2023), this special alignment offers us another powerful container to focus our deeper healing and growth work.

How October's Numerology -the Number 8 Vibe - Might Show Up in Your Life This Month:


The energy of 8 often heralds a time of personal empowerment. You may feel a renewed sense of confidence and determination in pursuing your goals.

Financial Awareness

The number 8 frequently aligns with financial matters. This could be an optimal month to review your finances, make investments, or seek new income opportunities.

Balance and Harmony

Like the symmetrical design of the number itself, October might draw your attention to finding balance in various aspects of life, be it work-life harmony or personal relationships.

Drive and Ambition

With 8's influence, you might find an extra boost in your drive. New projects or ventures undertaken this month could see significant momentum.

Justice and Fairness

In line with its theme of balance, the number 8 often brings issues of justice and fairness to the forefront. This could be a month where you advocate for causes close to your heart or seek resolution in disputes.


Eight is a number of regeneration and rebirth. October might be a time when you experience transformative events or personal growth on a profound level.

Themes to Work on This Month, According to October's Numerology:

Personal Strength

Harness October's numerology to fortify your inner resilience. Attend workshops, meditate, or adopt practices that enhance your sense of self-worth and empowerment.

Financial Acumen

Given the association of 8 with financial matters, this might be an opportune month to educate yourself on financial literacy, budgeting or even explore new streams of income.

Maintaining Equilibrium

Prioritize practices that help you maintain balance in your life. Whether it's adopting time management techniques, practicing mindfulness, or setting boundaries, October is a month to strive for equilibrium.

Pursuing Passions

Let the ambition-fueled energy of 8 guide you. Revisit dormant dreams, start that project you've been postponing, or recommit to your goals with renewed vigor.

Advocate for Justice

This October, be the voice for those who can't speak up. Whether it's supporting a charitable cause, volunteering, or standing up against injustice, let the energy of 8 propel you.

Embrace Change

With the transformative essence of the number 8, remain open to change. Whether it's breaking or creating habits, changing perspectives, or embarking on new journeys, October invites transformation.

Using Intrinsic Energy Work® This Month

Remember, the goal with any information isn't just to read it and nod your head, it's to put it into action. There are a few actionable suggested above but Intrinsic Energy Work® is where you will always get your deepest heal and your greatest growth.

Use your Intrinsic Energy® Daily Practice to explore the areas that are highlighted above. You can also explore the energy of infinity since 8 is an infinity sign ♾️ on its side.

  • Personal Strength - call back your energy from where you left it, gave it away, or it was taken.

  • Financial Acumen - energetically clean up your money space.

  • Maintaining Equilibrium - energetically create harmony and balance in yourself and your life.

  • Pursue Passions - energetically clean off your dreams and desires - remove anything that doesn't serve them or stops you from tapping into them. Also bring them into present time so that they match who you are today.

  • Advocate for Justice - ground justice into the areas you want to see justice prevail.

  • Embrace Change - this is a good month to affirm your desire to move forward openly and with curiosity.

If you don't have your Intrinsic Energy® Daily Practice yet, you can get started by clicking the linked text above

October's numerology, influenced by the number 8, offers us an opportunity to harness our inner power, advocate for justice, and achieve personal and financial growth. As we navigate through the month, embrace the unique energies at play, using them as a container to do your deeper work.

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