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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Unlock Your True Potential

A sunflower painting on a shed together with the words 'Always Groom to Grow'. This picture is a visual encouragement for the reader to move beyond their limiting beliefs.
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Limiting beliefs are insidious and are often camouflaged as rational thoughts or normal reactions to our experiences. Their deceptive nature can hinder our personal growth and success by restricting our perspective and narrowing our possibilities. They most certainly impact our ability to manifest what we want.

Because manifestation is tied to our growth, learning how to identify and move beyond limiting beliefs will improve your ability to create the life you desire and support your conscious evolution.

Let's talk about the deceptive nature of limiting beliefs, look at some common examples that will help you see your own limiting beliefs more clearly, and explore some ways to move beyond them.

The Deceptive Nature of Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs constrain our potential and hold us back from creating what we want in life. They are deceptive because they often masquerade as logical conclusions or interpretations of our experiences.

They live in our subconscious, meaning they are so engrained into who we believe we are and what we think about ourselves that they become second nature. We may not even realize we have them, as they quietly influence our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

At the Intrinsic Energy® level, limiting beliefs are pictures that inform how we view our world, and they are programming that influences our perception of cause and effect. In addition to pictures and programming, layers of wounding are created every time we embrace a limiting belief.

The beliefs we carry about ourselves become the world we live in; it is how the universe responds to us. So if, for example, you believe that people are always rude to you, you create a world where people are always rude to you.

10 of the Most Common Limiting Beliefs & Their Impact

  • I'm not good enough: Many people doubt their abilities, leading them to avoid pursuing opportunities or taking risks.

  • I don't deserve success or happiness: This belief can make people feel unworthy of positive experiences and lead to self-sabotage.

  • I'll never be successful: Pessimistic thoughts about future success can prevent people from setting and pursuing ambitious goals.

  • I'm not smart/talented/creative enough: These beliefs can cause people to underestimate their abilities and avoid trying new things.

  • Change is difficult or impossible: People with this limiting belief may feel stuck in their current situation and unable to make progress.

  • I'm too old/young: Age-based beliefs can cause people to limit themselves based on perceived societal norms or expectations.

  • It's too late for me: This belief can lead people to avoid pursuing new goals, believing they have missed their chance.

  • I don't have enough resources (time, money, connections): A scarcity mindset can lead people to feel constrained and unable to pursue their dreams.

  • I'll only be happy when I achieve X: This belief places happiness in the future, conditional on achieving a specific goal, and can lead to constant dissatisfaction.

  • I must be perfect: Perfectionism can create unrealistic expectations and prevent people from taking action due to a fear of failure or making mistakes.

A Few You Might Not See As Limiting Beliefs

When I look at limiting beliefs, they go beyond the more commonly recognized ones. Anything that is a negative thought becomes limiting. It doesn't allow for growth or change to happen. Take these as examples:

  • "People are rude to me."

  • "My family ignores me."

  • "I'm bad at math (managing money, understanding technology, relationships...)

  • "If I don't do it, no one will." (also a self-fulfilling prophecy.)

  • "I always get taken advantage of."

  • "Whatever I try, it never works."

  • "It might happen for them, but it's never going to happen for me.

These are stories that we tell ourselves. Where they may be true at times, they don't have to always be true. More importantly, they don't have to be how you experience life.

When we fixate on the negative, what we see, experience, and attract is more of the negative because that's where our focus is. We miss all the positives.

Identifying and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs:

To move beyond your limiting beliefs, here are four steps that will help you go from focusing on what you don't want to what you do want.

  1. Reflection: Start by paying attention to your thoughts and emotions, especially when you're stuck or facing challenges. Identify any patterns, recurring themes, or beliefs that may limit your growth. Journaling can be a helpful tool in this process, as it allows you to process your thoughts and emotions and gain insights into your beliefs. Look for thoughts that include the idea of permanence by listening or looking for words like always and never. The presence of these words, or their essence, is a sure sign you are operating in a limiting belief.

  2. Examination: Once you've identified your limiting beliefs, examine their validity. Let's look at 'Whatever I try, it never works.' Is this true? Has not a single thing you've tried ever worked out?

  3. Intrinsic Energy Work®: Identifying the limiting belief isn't the end. Use your Intrinsic Energy Work® tools to clear pictures that inform this limiting belief - these may come from others, or they may be pictures you've created for yourself. Also, release any programming that's attached to your limiting beliefs. I identify programming as statements that have a cause and effect - if I'm successful, no one will like me; if I try and don't succeed now, I'll never succeed; If I leave this situation, I'll never have another chance at this; If I leave, I won't be able to provide for myself. These are just a few examples of programming and limiting beliefs. Lastly, clear the layers of wounding associated with the limiting belief - there may be energies of invalidation, fear, and uncertainty, for example, that sit underneath limiting beliefs. Each time you trigger that limiting belief, you lay down a wounding layer associated with those energies. Clear these!

  4. Replacement: Replace your limiting beliefs with empowering ones that support your growth and success. So rather than ' whatever I try, it never works,' replace it with, 'this will work,' and if it doesn't, 'this effort moves me closer to success.'

Limiting beliefs can sneak into our lives, be experienced as truths, and hinder our personal growth and success.

By reflecting on and identifying beliefs that are limiting, doing the healing work to clear the Intrinsic Energies® associated with them, and then replacing them with something empowering we can break free from the constraints of limiting belie s and pave the way for a more fulfilling life.

Remember, the first step to change is recognizing the beliefs that hold us back. With conscious awareness and Intrinsic Energy Work®, we can release these beliefs, replace them with empowering thoughts and unlock our true potential.

Drop a comment and let me know what shifted for you or what awareness you had while reading this. Also, share the limiting beliefs you carry.


If you'd like help exploring what holds you back or where your greatest healing and growth opportunities live, schedule a one-to-one session with Christine. You'll come away with insight, awareness, healing, and tools to continue doing your own deeper healing work.

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I am a recognized Metaphysical Expert, Clairvoyant, and Master Energy Worker, as well as a Best-Selling and Award-Winning author.

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