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Understanding Programming: A Key to Your Healing & Growth

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Let’s talk about PROGRAMMING.

Last week, we started talking about the three main elements that you need to understand in order to deepen your healing and accelerate your conscious growth.

We started by exploring what a PICTURE is and how they can influence everything from who you are, how you experience your life, to what you can have.

Today we are exploring the second element, PROGRAMMING.


PROGRAMMING is beliefs and information that you end up operating off of, that typically isn’t yours.It follows the format of ‘If this…then that.’

Here are a few examples of what PROGRAMMING might look like.

If you end the relationship, you’ll be alone forever.

If you start your own business, you’ll struggle to make ends meet.

If you ask for more, you’ll end up with nothing.

How Does Healing & Growth Happen?

PROGRAMMING typically comes from other people’s (or culture, or religion, or societal) perceptions, limitations, and fears.

Knowledge is Power, Action is Empowerment.

Remember, knowledge is just that, the understanding or the information.

Knowing something doesn’t change it. Change comes through action.

To heal & grow, it requires identifying the programming and clearing it out.

Ok, so that’s a quick overview of PROGRAMMING.

Next week, I’ll be back to explore WOUNDING.

If you haven’t watched my Masterclass, The Monopoly Effect, you can still catch it here – it gives you additional insight into PICTURES, PROGRAMMING, and WOUNDING, and some tools to do some healing work.

For You

Reflect on what fears, blocks, or limits follow this ‘if this, then that,’ formula?

once you identify them, see if you can uncover who or what is underneath them.

once you uncover them, use a magnet or energetic vacuum clearer to release them.


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Christine Agro

Hi there!

I'm Christine Agro and for close to 25 years now I have been channeling information from the Collective Consciousness about who we are, what we are working on, and most importantly, how we can learn, heal, and grow and how our individual growth supports the evolution of our Collective experience. 

I am a recognized Metaphysical Expert, Clairvoyant, and Master Energy Worker, as well as a Best-Selling and Award-Winning author.

My 2018 book, Awaken & Grow: A Practical Guide for Your Spiritual Journey, at the time, was the sum total of everything I've channeled as well as gleaned from working with thousands of clients and students from across the globe. 

If you are looking for insight into your journey, why and how life works and unfolds, and more importantly, what to do with all of this information, Awaken & Grow is a great place to start. It's an easy read but packed with information.

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