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Core Life Lessons: An Introduction

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

At the root of every challenge you have in your life are the Core Life Lessons.

I was just a few years into doing Intrinsic Energy Work™ (IEW) with people when I discovered this piece of information. I call my work Intrinsic Energy Work™ because it combines my ability to see everything in an energetic form, with an ability to create IEW tools that help to shift, transmute, or release the energies, and then teach people how to do the work for themselves.

During a series of Intrinsic Energy™ readings with women who lived markedly different lives in places around the world, I was seeing commonalities around what they were challenged with. The situations were different, and what and how they were working on was different, but at the root, I found the same lesson. Which got me curious.

I wanted to know: why were they working on the same thing? Why did it show up differently for each of them? What was the purpose of what they were working on?

Curiosity is at the root of my work. I want to understand how & why things happen not only in my life but in everyone’s life! This is where so much life-changing insight has come from. It’s like unraveling a knot or putting a puzzle together or maybe both. First, you have to unravel everything that is clumped together so you can see exactly what is there, then you have to take the pieces and put them together to create a big picture.

I started looking for more information during my own IEW Daily Practice and during readings. The more I looked the more insight and clarity I brought in from the Collective Consciousness.

Here is what I found:

At the root of every challenge, we have in our lives exists three life lessons, which I’ve come to call ‘The Core Life Lessons.’

The Three Core Life Lessons

  • Learning To Validate Yourself

  • Learning to Own Your Truth

  • Learning to Stand in Your Power

When you are learning Unconsciously (which means you are learning through adversity) each lesson is learned by experiencing challenges, and by being pushed to learn to validate yourself. As you seek to learn this lesson, layer upon layer of Core Lesson Wounding is built up. That is what is the root of your need to heal yourself. Peel off the wounding, learn the lesson, and life changes.

Breaking Down The Core Life Lessons

Learning to Validate Yourself

Learning to Validate Yourself is a gift of freedom. When you learn how to see value in who you are, and not seek it from others, you gain total control over how you experience your life.

The Core Life Lesson of Self-Validation can show up as:

  • Not getting the approval you seek

  • Never feeling like you are good enough

  • Not trusting yourself to decide

  • Always looking to someone else for the answer

  • Believing you are less than or being made to feel less than

  • Being misunderstood

These are some of the common ways this lesson shows up.

Let’s look at the example of not getting the approval you seek.

The first time you look outside of yourself for approval and do not receive it, and in fact, get the opposite you create your first Core Life Wound.

It might look like this:

You’re 3 years old and you are super excited about the new wall art you’ve created. Your parent walks in and you turn with excitement to show them but instead of excitement, you get yelled at. You wanted to be celebrated, but instead, you are punished.

This pattern repeats itself throughout your life of seeking approval or validation from someone else for your success, your creativity, for simply being you, and instead each time you seek external validation, you get whacked – mentally, emotionally, and in your ego.

As your life unfold you try to heal the wound by trying to find someone who will validate you, but the pattern continues.

It continues until you learn the Core Life Lesson of Self-Validation.

If you are learning unconsciously, you may never learn the lesson, nor heal the wounding.

When you step into Conscious Learning and Intrinsic Energy Work™ then you start to peel away the layers of wounding and learn how to not only recognize when, where, and how you seek external validation, but also, most importantly, learn how to validate yourself.

Owning Your Truth

As you grow to Own Your Truth, you step more and more into the Truth of who you are. Owning your truth isn’t just about your voice, it’s about showing up fully and completely as your true self.

The Core Life Lesson of Owning Your Truth can show up as:

  • Having your beliefs challenged.

  • Giving up your truth for safety and comfort.

  • Hiding who you are.

  • Being afraid to say what you need to say or

  • Not having a safe space to say what you need to say.

  • Feeling like you don’t belong.

  • Feeling like you have to fight to be you.

  • Being diminished or dismissed.

These are some of the ways this lesson shows up.

Let’s look at the example of being afraid to say what you need to say or not having a safe space to say what you need to say.

This often starts when you are little as well. You don’t feel well and instead of compassion, you are accused of lying. Or you need something but when you go to ask, you’re told to not bother anyone.

As you get older you find yourself in personal situations and work situations where it doesn’t feel safe to ask for what you need, so you continue to accept less and foster a dynamic of lack and limit.

This dynamic will continue until you step into Conscious Learning and Intrinsic Energy Work™ and release the layers of repression and diminishment and begin owning your Truth and owning your voice.

Standing in Your Power

Standing in Your Power is at the root of living an empowered life. When you stand in your power you own your space, your life your truth, and you celebrate yourself. You don’t give your power away for love, for wisdom, for guidance, for the position.

The Core Life Lesson of Standing in Your Power can show up as:

  • Looking to others to make decisions.

  • Letting others dominate

  • Taking a back seat.

  • Giving up your agency to someone with perceived authority – like a doctor.

  • Not holding your boundaries.

  • Taking less.

If you are learning unconsciously, every time you turn to someone to solve your problems you have to give up your power in order to let them fix you or heal you.

You can get into relationships where you give up your power, letting your partner make the decisions or shape your life.

At work, you may accept less than what you are worth or what you deserve.

Just like the other two Core Life Lessons, we often start working on this lesson very young. Maybe you lived with conditional love or you had no agency or you weren’t allowed healthy boundaries.

Where the other two lessons require peeling and healing plus reclaiming, Standing in Your Power centers around owning your space, calling your power back from where you have given it, left it, or it’s been taken, and developing certainty in your divine right to have what you want and live as you choose.

And The Twist…

Here’s the thing about Spiritual information, it’s never linear. It never follows a step-by-step process. So if you are working on one Core Life Lesson, the other two are probably sprinkled in there as well. They are often interconnected.

That being said, at any given time, you will be working on one more prominently than the others.

If you are interested in exploring what Core Life Lesson you are working on right now, you can take this quiz to find out –

After years of working with people, there are truly only these three Core Life Lessons. If you think yours is different, I invite you to share what you think it is and will boil it down to one of these three for you.

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