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New Growth: Intrinsic Energy Work™ For March 2021

New Growth: Intrinsic Energy Work™ for March 2021

I love March. It is when we start to see new growth! I say ‘start to see,’ because if you check in with Nature throughout the seasons, the growth that explodes in Springtime was planted and prepared months in advance.

One of my favorites is the Magnolia tree. In the Spring it is one of the first trees to burst into bloom with those gorgeous star-shaped blooms. But those blooms are set late the previous summer and winterover in a soft fuzzy casing.

What’s my point?

Growth may seem like it arrives overnight, but it doesn’t for anyone or anything. Growth takes time. For all the growth that is preparing to burst onto the scene in the next few months, it’s been lying in wait for months. It’s weathered cold and snow and drought. But it’s been there, waiting for the time to be right, waiting for the right elements to support its growth.

Just like you.

You’ve been planting seeds, nurturing the soil, clearing away the deadwood, making room, creating space. Your growth is there, waiting for the right elements to move you to your next step.

In my Intrinsic Energy Work™ we use the energies of the moment to support our deeper learning and healing. It is this deeper learning and healing that facilitates our conscious and Spiritual growth.

Diving into the energies of the moment isn’t necessary to do your work, but they help you focus your efforts, and when you tap into what is present, it makes your work easier and more consistent.

So not necessary, but better.

Knowledge is Power. Action is Empowerment

I always say ‘Knowledge is power. Action is empowerment.’ and here’s what I mean by that.

If you read your horoscope, it gives you information but it doesn’t help you with your learning, healing, and growing. It gives you insight. It *may* give you direction, but that’s about where that knowledge takes you.

Let’s look at knowing that March is a month of growth. That’s all well and fine, but the good stuff comes when you have the tools to actually take that knowledge and do something with it.

Intrinsic Energy Work™ gives you tools that help you take that knowledge and use it to further your healing which in turn helps you deepen your growth.

Using the Intrinsic Energies™ of March

Let’s see how you can use the Intrinsic Energies™ of March to support and deepen your growth!

March is a month that is full of opportunities to give yourself what you need in order to get your seeds to grow.



In numerology, March 2021 is a Universal 8 month (3+2+0+2+1=8.)

The number 8 is associated with money, wealth, power, and influence. It is also associated with rewards, and recognition!

As you step into March you want to set out your intentions in this powerful 8 energy. You want to embrace that what you want for yourself will manifest and you want to understand that in order for it to manifest, you are simply walking the path to obtaining it.

Will it happen this month 🤷🏻‍♀️? That depends on how much growth work you’ve done. But even if it doesn’t happen this month, it will happen if you keep following the threads and walking your aligned path.

Here Are Two Ways to Use the Universal 8 Energy

Rewarded & Recognized

Let’s do a little reverse engineering by starting with the outcome you desire and then creating a manifestation map.

What do you need:

  • Your journal & something to write with

  • Quiet time

What to do:

  1. Start by answering these two questions:

  • ‘what do I want to be rewarded for?’ and

  • ‘what do I want to be recognized for?’Distill these two things down to a word or single sentence.

  1. Distill these two things down to a word or single sentence.

  2. Draw a circle for each thing (give yourself lots of room – one circle per page)

  3. In the circle, write the word or sentence that embodies your answer to #1 above)

  • So if you want to be recognized for being a great business coach or an amazing teacher – in the center of one of the circles, you will write ‘Great Business Coach.’

  1. Off of that circle, write out all the things you need to do to be a great business coach or exemplify being a great business coach and connect everything you write with individual lines to the center circle. These may be qualities you want to cultivate or things you want to do.

  1. Do this for both circles (what you want to be rewarded for and what you want to be recognized for.) Be sure to note which is which on your Manifestation Maps.

  2. Once you have this done, drop into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ Daily Practice space – ground, align, and center, and let your body assimilate and shift with the work you just did.

Nothing More To Do With Your Manifestation Map

Think of this process as priming the pump. Once you write out your Manifestation Maps there is nothing more for you to do with the maps. In fact, I recommend you put them away and pull them back out six months from now to see what’s happened.

Because here’s the thing, the map isn’t for your mental body! It’s for your Spirit and your subconscious.

Your job is to follow the threads that come. So for example you may find yourself drawn to take a class, take it. Or led to attend an event, attend it. Follow the threads.

Set Out Your Intentions

Look at all this powerful 8 energy, what a great time to set out your intentions for all things related to money, wealth, power, and influence! Just remember one of the primary rules of manifestation work: whatever you ask for you, you will create, but only after you’ve done the work so that you can have it.

My favorite example is the often asked for $1 million dollars. You can have $1 million dollars. I know you can, but before you can manifest it, you have to clear all the pictures and programming that say you can’t have it AND more importantly you have to learn all the lessons that you have tied to money.

You see, when we learn unconsciously, we all have ways that we are guided to learn and grow. For some of us, it’s money (or the lack thereof,) for others it’s relationships (or the lack thereof,) you get the picture. You don’t *know* you are using these things to learn and grow. They are unconscious catalysts.

So if you are using money as an unconscious catalyst for your own growth you have to do all the learning and healing that will enable you to no longer need money as your catalyst. (That’s another reason this work is so powerful, you move from unconscious learning & healing to conscious learning & healing!)

What to do?

Try this instead – rather than setting an intention for a specific amount, think about why you want all that money. What is missing in your life, or what do you want to create or have that is tied to that lump sum of money?

If you are looking for:

  • sense of security – intend for that.

  • ease – intend for that.

  • ability to invest in others – intend for that.

You can also use this 8 energy to set out intentions for advancement, for recognition, for opportunities that help you grow, and opportunities that help you live the full expression of yourself.

Plus 5!

Also, remember that 2021 is a 5 year which is about change and laying strong foundations, so you can weave that 8 Intrinsic Energy™ into your intentions. Possibly exploring what you can create that will support whatever change is heading your way, or what will support the foundation you are building.



Pisces through March 20

March is mostly rooted in Pisces Energy. Toward the end of the month, we move into Aries, but I tend to focus on the most predominant energy of the moment for our Intrinsic Energy Work™.

When we explore the Pisces Intrinsic Energy™ we can amplify the positive and use the negative as a source for our healing. In my mind, it’s not actually ‘negative,’ but rather an opportunity for awareness, for clearing, for healing, and ultimately for our growth.

PiscesPositive Intrinsic Energy™


Be creative this month.

  • Can you find a creative solution to a challenge?

  • Make a commitment to write every day this month.

  • Get creative – whatever inspires you, add more of it this month!

If creativity is already your thing, where and how can you be creative in other ways or different areas of your life.


Use this month’s Pisces Intrinsic Energy™ to help you fine tune your empathic nature.

Empathy and Empathic Nature are two distinct qualities.

Empathy is the ability to understand what someone is experiencing because you’ve been there.

An Empath or Empathic Nature is the ability to use your Clairsentience to feel, understand and know what is going on without the need for words or direct communication. It is the ability to feel, with clarity, at an energetic level. Clairsentience is a higher sense, like Clairvoyance.

We are talking about Empathic, not empathy.

If you are already aware of your empathic nature, use this month’s Intrinsic Energy™ to fine tune your abilities.

Many empaths are out-of-control healers, a dynamic that impacts their own health & wellness and also propels them to noodle in the business of others.

If you feel like your empathic nature is a burden, it doesn’t have to be. You simply need tools and guidance to help you learn to use it, rather than it using you.

Here’s how to use this month’s heightened awareness to bring your empathic nature into balance:

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (Don’t have a daily practice space yet, get started here.)

  • Ground, Align, Center

  • You can use a few Intrinsic Energy Work

    • Tuning fork – to bring your clairsentience into harmony

    • Scale – to bring your clairsentience into balance

    • Alignment – to bring your clairsentience into alignment


This month is a great month to practice generosity and there are so many ways to explore this beautiful Intrinsic Energy™

Here are a few thoughts to get you started:

  • Be generous with your thoughts (for others & yourself)

  • Be generous with your time – what would this look like for you?

  • Be generous with in your giving – what would this look like for you?

Remember, Generosity can be both quantity and quality. It can be what you give, but it can also be what is underneath what you give.

As you explore generosity this month, keep an eye to how it impacts you. Not that you are giving to get, but when you are generous of nature, Spirit tends to reward you in unexpected ways.

PiscesIntrinsic Energy™ Healing & Growth Opportunities


There is often a good deal of healing to be done when one is empathic. If your life is anything like mine, you are often told that you are ‘too sensitive.’ People want to make that a bad thing because they can’t deal with how finely attuned you are to their B.S.

Rather than focusing on being kind and speaking with consideration, they want you to be ‘less sensitive. You don’t need to be less anything, but you probably have some learning to do in order to understand your sensitivity and turn your empathic nature into an empowering aspect of who you are. Like I said above, learn to use your clairsentience rather than it driving you.

If you want to make that shift, one place to start is with understanding the three Core Life Lessons and which one you are working on the most right now. Your Core Life Lesson will give you insight into why your clairsentience is out-of-control. If you haven’t take my Core Life Lessons Quiz

Let’s use the beautiful Pisces Intrinsic Energy™ to heal:

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (Don’t have a daily practice space yet, get started here.)

  • Ground, Align, Center

  • Imagine a magnet out in front of you and let it pull out all the times someone has told you that you are ‘too sensitive.’

    • clear out the pain, the sadness, the confusion, the diminishment

  • refer back to the Empathic section above and align your Clairsentience (that’s where your empathic nature emanates from.)


A negative manifestation of Pisces Intrinsic Energy™ is to be closed off. This most often stems from feeling too much and not knowing how to manage one’s empathic nature.

Use the Intrinsic Energy™ this month to open up your heart space, your mind and your creativity. That’s the fourth, the sixth, the seventh, and the second energy centers (aka Chakras.)

To open the fourth (at the heart)

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space

  • Ground, align, center.

  • Breathe into your heart space as deeply and fully as you can.

  • Let your chest and heart space expand

  • As you expand, emotions may come up – don’t push them back down, move them out, and release them. Blow them out or use a magnet to pull them out. You can release emotions without becoming them, but if tears come up – let them out.

To open the sixth & seventh (third eye & top of your head)

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space

  • Ground, align, center.

  • Imagine light pouring into the space behind your eyes.

  • Imagine you have a crown at the top of your head and in it are jewels. Each jewel is a conduit and acts like a spark plug to turn on your own knowledge – pull each jewel out and clean them off, then put them back.

  • Invite in being open to possibilities and new insight.

  • Let your sixth and seventh energy centers expand.

To open the second (behind your belly button)

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space

  • Ground, align, center.

  • locate the area just behind your belly button (imagine, envision, intend)

  • Imagine a closed camera lens or a closed flower.

  • Open the lens or let the flower blossom.

  • As it does, draw in your creative power.

  • Let that intrinsic energy™ of creativity fill up your second chakra and let it flow out through your whole body.



If you work with me in the Awaken & Grow membership space (soon to be The Spiritual Seeker’s Collective) you know how powerful the Moon work is and how much I love using the phases of the move to support healing and growth. I look at the astrological sign each Moon aspect is in and use that information to guide the Intrinsic Energy Work™ we do.

Where most people see the Dark Moon as the New Moon (when there is no moon in the sky,) I follow the old ways. The Dark Moon has three stages – each of which occurs when there is no moon in the sky. The New Moon follows as the first sliver of waxing crescent appears.

There are three phases of the Dark Moon: Review & Reflect, Clear, Cultivate

Dark Moon Phase 1 – Aquarius March 11, 2021

Review & Reflect

This month’s Dark Moon I is in Aquarius, which is fitting since so much happened in the sign of Aquarius in January and February, including the Mercury Retrograde.

Review any themes this past month that had to do with equality, humanity, equity and justice. Reflect on both personally and in your communities – what themes had staring roles in your life?

  • Reflect on this information

  • Clear out anything that is ready to go

Review your New Moon Manifestation list.

  • Review your list

  • Celebrate what came in!

  • Cross off what you don’t want or need anymore

Dark Moon Phase 2- March 12, 2021 – Pisces

Clear Debts, Step out of patterns

Debts that may pertain to Pisces Intrinsic Energy™

  • Where you have taken more than you have given.

  • Where you borrowed and did not return.

  • You can also return or payback anything physical that you owe.

Clean up both energy & actual debts.


  • Addictions

  • Bad Habits

Although physical action is needed, you can also work the Intrinsic Energy™ of Addictions and Bad Habits. The second Dark Moon phase is the perfect time to step out of the Intrinsic Energy™ pattern that holds addictions and bad habits in place.

Try this:

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (don’t have one yet, start here)

  • Put a picture of you (amorphic shape will do) standing in the energetic pattern of the addiction or bad habit.

  • See the image of you step out of the energetic pattern.

  • Reset your space with what you want in place of the pattern.

Dark Moon Phase 3 – March 13, 2021 Pisces


The third phase of the Dark Moon is to cultivate and prepare for planting your intentions during the New Moon.

I always use the Intrinsic Energy™ of this Dark Moon phase to enhance the cultivation and preparation. In this case, the phase is in Pisces, and so I use its intrinsic energy™ qualities of generosity, creativity, and connection to deeper wisdom to prepare my Manifestation space for the next day. Deeper Wisdom comes from both the Empathic quality of Pisces, which is Clairsentience and from Pisces connection to Intuition, which is more of a knowingness.

When setting out intentions this month, you want them to grow out of an alignment with what will support you at your highest vibration.

In manifestation work, I use a piece of rich soil to plan the seeds of what I want to create.

To cultivate & prepare do this:

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (don’t have one yet, start here)

  • Put your manifestation garden out in front of you.

  • Infuse the soil with generosity, creativity, and a deeper wisdom.

  • Hand it to your Spirit so that you can call it back tomorrow.

New Moon – March 14, 2021 Aries

I love an Aries New Moon! Aries Intrinsic Energy™ is all about forward motion, taking action, making plans, being bold, stepping out of your comfort zone and having some fun.

As you identify what you want to set out on your manifestation list for this month, be sure to include some/any of the following

  • a plan to get where you want to go.

  • your big, bold goal.

  • a commitment to take the next step when it shows up.

New Moons are for setting out your desires, what you want to create for yourself and in your life. If you didn’t review your list from last month during phase 1 of the Dark Moon, review it now. Cross off anything that you don’t want anymore. Celebrate whatever came in. Rewrite your list and include on this month’s list those things that align with the Aries New Moon Intrinsic Energies™ (My point is, you don’t have to only focus on Aries IE, always keep your manifestation list current and evolving.)

After you have written your New Moon manifestation list do this:

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (don’t have one yet, start here)

  • Call back the piece of soil you prepared during yesterday’s Dark Moon phase.

  • Turn everything you want to create into a seed.

  • Plant each seed into the soil.

  • Hand it to your Spirit so that you can manifest it.

Full Moon – March 28, 2021 Libra

For the Full Moon I focus on questions that are rooted in the Intrinsic Energy™ of the astrological sign the moon is in and we use these questions to help us deepen our healing & growth.

There are three steps to my Full Moon work: Reflect/Heal, Forgiveness, Gratitude. There is nothing unique about the three areas, what is unique is how I work through these three areas using Intrinsic Energy™ awareness.

***Remember, seeing something means we get to clear it. You must, must clear it to heal & grow. The things we look at aren’t meant to further wound you, we all do stuff, have thoughts, have missteps, what’s important is what we do with those moments – clear them and move forward.

To use the Libra Intrinsic Energy™

Libra Intrinsic Energy™ is about balance, beauty, fairness.

Out of aligned Libra Intrinsic Energy™ is associated with hyper-idealism, obsession with appearance, judging the experiences of others through a perception of what is fair.

Reflect & Heal

Reflect on these questions, look at where & how they apply to you and release what comes up:

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (don’t have one yet, start here) and explore:

  • Where this month have you judged yourself or your experiences through hyper-idealism (it would be perfect if only…, it is this thing or person that stops me from…, if it weren’t for this thing or this person everything would be perfect…)

  • When and how this month have you criticized yourself or judged others for their appearance?

  • Where this month have you impossed your sense of fairness on others?

  • Where this month have you felt put upon and as though something is being done ‘to you?’ (Check for truth, clear out the energies – remember, those feelings you have only impact you, they have no impact on the person or situation causing them, so you are only hurting yourself. You don’t have to carry


Traditional exploration of forgiveness tends to focus on forgiving someone for something they have done that negatively impacts you.

That’s not how I work with forgiveness. My focus is on doing the healing work on the energies and emotions that need to be released.

We look to forgive ourselves for the ways we have been hard on ourselves, for the ways we have spent too much time and energy focused on someone or something else. We look to step out of the wound and we look to understand what lessons we are working on and what information we can take from the experience.

It doesn’t give someone a pass, but it is important to remember that anger or wounding held only continues to hurt you. The person who caused it isn’t impacted by any of that. So let’s stop putting our focus there.

Full Moon Forgiveness Work

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (don’t have one yet, start here) and explore:

  • What areas of your life do you hold anger, resentment, or wounding around Beauty, Fairness, and Balance?

  • See the Libra Full Moon out i front of you and release those energies into the Moon. Let it burn off all that is ready to clear.


  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (don’t have one yet, start here) and explore:

  • Reflect on how and in what way you are grateful for Beauty, Fairness, and Balance.

  • Where do they show up in your life? What contributes to them in your life?

  • Sit in gratitude.


Spring Equinox Saturday, March 20

I love how the yearly cycles give us countless opportunities to start again and to harness the Intrinsic Energy™ of new growth.

The Spring Equinox is one of those moments.

The Spring Equinox celebrates the end of winter, the coming of Spring. It celebrates new growth, fresh starts, and new life.

Use the Spring Equinox to

  • Reflect on your lessons over this past Winter.

    • what themes came up? how did you handle them? what did you learn? what could you have approached differently? It isn’t enough to just identify these things, the important part is clearing out what comes up. Don’t sit in the uncomfortableness or the disappointment or whatever is coming up, use your Intrinsic Energy™ tools to clear those energies out. That is where your healing and growth happen

  • What do you want to have burst forth?

  • What new growth do you want to foster?

  • Set out intentions for what you want!


Goddess Energy

Brigid, or the Exalted One, the Irish goddess of spring, fertility, and life. Beloved by poets, she is the master of both healing and smithing.

Persephone is the Lady of Light who brings life and possibility back to the Earth and the Goddess of the wild flora.

When I work with Goddesses and their Intrinsic Energy™, like all things in my work, the focus is on using the energies to support our healing & growth, not to give our power over for healing to be done.

I love working with Goddesses in this way. They meet us in our Intrinsic Energy Work™ space and provide support and guidance. They are partners in our journey.

When working with Goddesses we look at the Intrinsic Energies™ they embody and manage, and we tap into those qualities and gifts to deepen our own healing & growth.

Explore the energies of Brigid and Persephone throughout the month.

Go Deeper With Me

We do deeper Goddess Work in my Spiritual Seeker’s Collective* membership group. We not only work with the intrinsic energies™ we also meet each Goddess and receive the insight and gifts they have for us.

I also work with members on each of the areas noted above. The monthly focus is a live Zoom call. The Moon Work is all done in the livestream. Goddess Work is also done in the Livestream. Hallmark moments, like the Equinox, are done via live Zoom calls. I also offer one ‘Ask Me Anything’ a month for members.

Please join the Collective if you want to work with me on everything mentioned in this Month’s Guide.

*The Spiritual Seeker’s Collective is currently called Awaken & Grow. It is undergoing growth of its own. Over the almost two years since the membership launched it has evolved into a beautiful space that mirrors a past program of mine called Awaken & Grow Through the Seasons. The fact that this yearly, monthly, and hallmark moment work is still rising to the surface tells me it continues to be essential work for your healing & growth.


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