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Spring Clean: Intrinsic Energy Work™ For April 2021

Spring Clean: Intrinsic Energy Work™ for April 2021

I was walking Maggie yesterday and noticed that the grass turned green overnight and the Crab Apple tree sprouted tiny buds. And the air. The beautiful spring air freshness is a mixture of earthy geosmin, ozone, and plant oils.

April comes with plenty of rain and you probably know the saying, that it brings May’s flowers.

I like to use the freshness and newness of April to spring-clean everything. To throw open the doors and windows both literally and energetically and clear the stale energy and clutter.

In my Intrinsic Energy Work™, we use the energies of the moment to support our deeper learning and healing. It is this deeper learning and healing that facilitates our conscious and Spiritual growth.

Diving into the energies of the moment isn’t necessary to do your work, but they help you focus your efforts, and when you tap into what is present, it makes your work easier and more consistent.

So not necessary, but deeper.

April & Spring’s Intrinsic Energies™

This month we will be focusing on these Intrinsic Energies™ associate with April and Spring

  • Monthly Themes: Spring Clean, Clear The Clutter

  • Universal 9

  • Aries Intrinsic Energy™

  • This month’s Moon Work

  • Goddess Flora


Knowledge is Power. Action is Empowerment

I always say ‘Knowledge is power. Action is empowerment.’ and here’s what I mean by that.

If you read your horoscope, it gives you information but it doesn’t help you with your learning, healing, and growing. It gives you insight. It *may* give you direction, but that’s about where that knowledge takes you.

Intrinsic Energy Work™ gives you tools that help you take that knowledge and use it to further your healing which in turn helps you deepen your growth.


Using the Intrinsic Energies™ of April 2021

Let’s see how you can use the Intrinsic Energies™ of April to support and deepen your growth!

Monthly Themes: Spring Clean & Clear The Clutter

Springtime dances in with new beginnings. We instinctively feel like getting rid of the stale pent-up air leftover from a Winter that kept us indoors and throwing open the windows to let in the light and fresh air and sounds of Spring.

As much as Spring is a time to clean our houses of the staleness and clutter that has accumulated over the Winter, it is the perfect time to clear the energetic clutter in our energy bodies.

You collect and store the Intrinsic Energies™ of emotional experiences, the things you hear and are told, fears, worries, failures, expectations and so much more. You hold these energies in different aspects (or energy bodies) of yourself – your mental aspect, your emotional aspect, your ego aspect, and your physical aspect.

All of those stored up energies have weight. That’s why we call the stuff we carry around, baggage.

Clear The Clutter

Spring is the perfect time to Clear the Energetic clutter. If you don’t have your Intrinsic Energy Work™ Daily Practice space yet, you can grab the 6-week program here.

Here’s what you’ll need: Daily Practice Space, and a tool of your choice: Energetic Vacuum, Energetic Magnet, Magic Wand

Here’s a few things to explore and clear. When clearing Intrinsic Energy™ there is no need to struggle with whether the energy has cleared or not. Use your Intrinsic Energy Work™ tools and clear what is ready to go. This isn’t the only time you’ll clear energy 😉

  • Mental Body

  • unwanted thoughts

  • outdated ideas & concepts

  • negative self-talk

  • limiting beliefs

  • overwhelm

  • Emotional Body

  • sadness

  • loss

  • anger

  • resentment

  • overwhelm (can live in both bodies)

  • Ego Body

  • competition

  • judgement

  • envy

  • embarrassment

  • fear of being seen

  • Physical Body

  • Tension

  • Stress

  • Fatigue

  • Effort

  • Excess



In numerology, April 2021 is a Universal 9 month (4+2+0+2+1=9.)

The number 9 is associated with wrapping up old projects, putting things in order and tying up loose ends.

It is also associated with the Intrinsic Energies™ of Self-Love and Generosity.

Using the Universal 9 Intrinsic Energy™

This month put your focus on wrapping up old projects, putting things in order and tying up loose ends.

It’s amazing how much weight unfinished things and clutter carry and how much room they take up.

Here’s how to use this Intrinsic Energy™

  • Make a list of projects that are unfinished.

  • Prioritize the list in one of a few ways

    • easiest to finish

    • longest unfinished

    • weighs the most on you

  • Are there any you can cross off the list? Anything you were working on that you know you aren’t going to finish? Or that don’t resonate with you anymore?

  • Make a list of areas in your life both physical and energetic that feel cluttered.

  • Prioritize this list in one of a few ways

    • most annoying

    • most cluttered

    • most noticeable

  • Once you have our lists, commit to addressing the items in the #1 position.

  • If you get finished with these, move on to items #2 and so on.

  • Don’t stress about the whole list. Just get one thing from each list done and tidied up!

Also circle back to the Clear The Clutter piece and do some Intrinsic Energy™ clearing.

Plus 5!

Also, remember that 2021 is a 5 year that is about change and laying strong foundations. As you explore completing things and tidying up, what can you complete and clear that will help you move forward with a stronger foundation.



Aries through April

April is mostly rooted in Aries Energy. Toward the end of the month, we move into Taurus, but I tend to focus on the most predominant energy of the moment for our Intrinsic Energy Work™.

When we explore the Aries Intrinsic Energy™ we can amplify the positive and use the negative as a source for our healing. In my mind, it’s not actually ‘negative,’ but rather an opportunity for awareness, for clearing, for healing, and ultimately for our growth.

AriesPositive Intrinsic Energy™


Aries has a natural, inborn leadership dynamic. You can use the presence of this Intrinsic Energy™ to:

Take charge of an area of your life. Come up with a plan that will help you reach a goal, excel, or create a solid foundation (remember that 5 Year Intrinsic Energy™ is all about change and creating foundations for moving forward!)


I find people think confidence is something you just develop or have. I suppose it could be, if you are challenged with a lack of confidence, telling you to ‘just have it,’ makes no sense. When I look at confidence as an Intrinsic Energy™ it is made up of a number of other Intrinsic Energies™

Like joy, certainty, fullness, self-validation.

Spend this month exploring what confidence is made up of and play with bring in or owning those attributes to help build your confidence.

Even better: Join me for my I Am Confident – 7 Day Deep Dive into Building Confidence! Each day we’ll explore an Intrinsic Energy™ that, when combined, create Confidence.

This program starts *Live* April 18, 2021, but you can dive in anytime thereafter with the digital recordings! Check it out here


One reason I love Aries Intrinsic Energy™ is it always presents us with an opportunity to go big and be bold! Use this month’s energies to explore your big and boldest ideas and goals.

  • What will it take?

  • What kind of plan can you create?

  • What actionable steps can you identify?

AriesIntrinsic Energy™ Healing & Growth Opportunities


I once was befriended by a stray cat that I called Oscar. He was a model of patience and persistence. He wanted me to let him in the house, but for years I wouldn’t because of our other animals. Plus I was certain he already had a home (or 2 or 3.) But he was both patient and persistent. He never gave up trying. Eventually, I created a spot for him in our upstairs garage loft. (And he still persisted with his goal to get in the house.)

What I love about this story is that Oscar was always content with what he had and where he was, and he was persistent about creating more. It was such a good lesson.

So this month, use this Aries Intrinsic Energy™ to explore your relationship to patience and persistence. Can you be happy with what you have, while patiently and persistently striving to create what you want? There’s an element of balance in this piece too!

If you struggle with Patience here are few things to consider:

  • What are your expectations?

  • Are your expectations known by others?

  • What energies lend toward your impatience?

  • What do those energies exist?

  • What causes them?

Be sure to clear whatever energies and awarenesses come up.

If you don’t have an Intrinsic Energy Work™ Daily Practice and Tools to work with this program is for you!

Selfish / Self-Centered

Unbalanced Aries energy can show up as selfishness and self-centeredness.

If these Intrinsic Energies™ challenge you either in your own personality or in others here are a few things to explore:

In your own personality:

Consider whether your selfishness/self-centeredness is rooted in any of these:

  • Lack

  • Limit

  • Insecurity

  • Fear

  • Something else? What? What can you uncover?

Use your Intrinsic Energy™ Daily Practice space to clear out and then fill in with an energy of your choice. (Still don’t have your DP space? Come on! )



If you work with me in the Awaken & Grow membership space (soon to be The Spiritual Seeker’s Collective) you know how powerful the Moon work is and how much I love using the phases of the move to support healing and growth. I look at the astrological sign each Moon aspect is in and use that information to guide the Intrinsic Energy Work™ we do.

Where most people see the Dark Moon as the New Moon (when there is no moon in the sky,) I follow the old ways. The Dark Moon has three stages – each of which occurs when there is no moon in the sky. The New Moon follows as the first sliver of waxing crescent appears.

There are three phases of the Dark Moon: Review & Reflect, Clear, Cultivate

Dark Moon Phase 1 – April 10, 2021 – Pisces

Review & Reflect

This month’s Dark Moon I is Pisces.

Review any themes this past month that had to do with Courage, Generosity, Creativity, Empathy, Intuition, Hyper-Sensitive, Closed-Off, Habits, Addictions.

  • Reflect on this information

  • Clear out anything that is ready to go

Review your New Moon Manifestation list.

  • Review your list

  • Celebrate what came in!

  • Cross off what you don’t want or need anymore

Dark Moon Phase 2- April 11, 2021 – Aries

Clear Debts, Step out of patterns

Debts that may pertain to Aries Intrinsic Energy™

  • Where you have taken more than you have given.

  • Where you borrowed and did not return.

  • You can also return or payback anything physical that you owe.

Clean up both energy & actual debts.


  • Selfish/Self-Centered

  • Impatient

The second Dark Moon phase is the perfect time to step out of the Intrinsic Energy™ patterns that keep you locked in old behaviors.

Try this:

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (don’t have one yet, start here)

  • Put a picture of you (amorphic shape will do) standing in the energetic pattern.

  • See the image of you step out of the energetic pattern.

  • Reset your space with what you want in place of the pattern.

Dark Moon Phase 3 – April 12, 2021 – Aries


The third phase of the Dark Moon is to cultivate and prepare for planting your intentions during the New Moon.

I always use the Intrinsic Energy™ of this Dark Moon phase to enhance the cultivation and preparation. In this case, the phase is in Aries, and so I use its intrinsic energy™ qualities of boldness and big to prepare my Manifestation space for the next day.

When setting out intentions this month, you want them to grow out of an alignment with what will support you at your highest vibration.

In manifestation work, I use a piece of rich soil to plant the seeds of what I want to create.

To cultivate & prepare do this:

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (don’t have one yet, start here)

  • Put your manifestation garden out in front of you.

  • Infuse the soil with boldness and bigness 🙂

  • Hand it to your Spirit so that you can call it back tomorrow.

New Moon – April 13, 2021 – Taurus

The New Moon is one of several New Beginnings we can tap into through the year. Isn’t great we have so many opportunities to express our desires and set out our intentions for what we want?

Taurus brings an energy of earthiness, contentment, and earthly pleasures. Think food, luxuriousness, and the comfort of all things home.

As you identify what you want to set out on your manifestation list for this month, be sure to include some/any of the following

  • something that brings you comfot.

  • something that is luxuriousness (one year, having luxurious experiences was my underlying focus – it was amazing!)

  • opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of being here on Earth.

New Moons are for setting out your desires, what you want to create for yourself and in your life. If you didn’t review your list from last month during phase 1 of the Dark Moon, review it now. Cross off anything that you don’t want anymore. Celebrate whatever came in. Rewrite your list and include on this month’s list those things that align with the Aries New Moon Intrinsic Energies™ (My point is, you don’t have to only focus on Aries IE, always keep your manifestation list current and evolving.)

After you have written your New Moon manifestation list do this:

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (don’t have one yet, start here)

  • Call back the piece of soil you prepared during yesterday’s Dark Moon phase.

  • Turn everything you want to create into a seed.

  • Plant each seed into the soil.

  • Hand it to your Spirit so that you can manifest it.

Full Moon – April 27, 2021 – Scorpio

For the Full Moon I focus on questions that are rooted in the Intrinsic Energy™ of the astrological sign the moon is in and we use these questions to help us deepen our healing & growth.

There are three steps to my Full Moon work: Reflect/Heal, Forgiveness, Gratitude. There is nothing unique about the three areas, what is unique is how I work through these three areas using Intrinsic Energy™ awareness.

***Remember, seeing something means we get to clear it. You must, must clear it to heal & grow. The things we look at aren’t meant to further wound you, we all do stuff, have thoughts, have missteps, what’s important is what we do with those moments – clear them and move forward.

To use the Scorpio Intrinsic Energy™

We look at out of aligned Scorpio Intrinsic Energy™ which is associated with jealousy, vengeance, suspicion, gossip, and toxic behavior.

Reflect & Heal

Reflect on these questions, look at where & how they apply to you and release what comes up:

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (don’t have one yet, start here) and explore:

  • Where this month have you judged yourself or your experiences through hyper-idealism (it would be perfect if only…, it is this thing or person that stops me from…, if it weren’t for this thing or this person everything would be perfect…)

  • Have I been vengeful?

  • Have I been jealous?

  • Have I been gossipy?

  • Have I got caught in negativity?

  • Have I sought to divide and conquer with my words and actions?

Use your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space to clear out anything that comes up – memories, regrets, embarrassment for your behavior and actions, as well as the Intrinsic Energies™ of jealousy, vengefulness, gossip, negativity, and divide & conquer.


Traditional exploration of forgiveness tends to focus on forgiving someone for something they have done that negatively impacts you.

That’s not how I work with forgiveness. My focus is on doing the healing work on the energies and emotions that need to be released.

We look to forgive ourselves for the ways we have been hard on ourselves, for the ways we have spent too much time and energy focused on someone or something else. We look to step out of the wound and we look to understand what lessons we are working on and what information we can take from the experience.

It doesn’t give someone a pass, but it is important to remember that anger or wounding held only continues to hurt you. The person who caused it isn’t impacted by any of that. So let’s stop putting our focus there.

Full Moon Forgiveness Work

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (don’t have one yet, start here) and explore:

  • What areas of your life do you hold anger and resentment, toward others?

  • Where have you judged unfairly? Or been judged unfairly?

  • Where have others excluded you? What can you let go of here?

  • What are you carrying – what secret plots do you have to make people pay? Consider clearing that stuff out – it’s pretty darn heavy and takes up a lot of space.

  • See the Scorpio Full Moon out in front of you and release those energies into the Moon. Let it burn off all that is ready to clear.


  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ space (don’t have one yet, start here) and explore:

  • Reflect on how and in what way you are grateful for passion, sexiness, loyalty, determination, and honesty.

  • Where do they show up in your life? What contributes to them in your life?

  • Sit in gratitude.


Goddess Energy

Flora (Roman) The Goddess of flowering plants, especially those that bore fruit. Her festival, the Floralia, took place in April or early May and was marked with dancing, drinking, and flowers.

When I work with Goddesses and their Intrinsic Energy™, like all things in my work, the focus is on using the energies to support our healing & growth, not to give our power over for healing to be done.

I love working with Goddesses in this way. They meet us in our Intrinsic Energy Work™ space and provide support and guidance. They are partners in our journey.

When working with Goddesses we look at the Intrinsic Energies™ they embody and manage, and we tap into those qualities and gifts to deepen our own healing & growth.

Here are some thoughts on working with Flora this month:

  • Work with Flora to infuse your projects with success.

  • Work with Flora to inspire you to move this month.

  • Bring flowers into your spaces and invite Flora to further support your growth.

Go Deeper With Me

We do deeper Goddess Work in my Spiritual Seeker’s Collective* membership group. We not only work with the intrinsic energies™ we also meet each Goddess and receive the insight and gifts they have for us.

I also work with members on each of the areas noted above. The monthly focus is a live Zoom call. The Moon Work is all done in the livestream. Goddess Work is also done in the Livestream. Hallmark moments, like the Equinox, are done via live Zoom calls. I also offer one ‘Ask Me Anything’ a month for members.

Please join the Collective if you want to work with me on everything mentioned in this judgmentMonth’s Guide.

*The Spiritual Seeker’s Collective is currently called Awaken & Grow. It is undergoing growth of its own. Over the almost two years since the membership launched it has evolved into a beautiful space that mirrors a past program of mine called Awaken & Grow Through the Seasons. The fact that this yearly, monthly, and hallmark moment work is still rising to the surface tells me it continues to be essential work for your healing & growth.


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