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Managing Relationships Energetically

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This week I want to introduce you to the idea of managing the Intrinsic Energies™ of your relationships.

It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it is, all relationships have Intrinsic Energies™ and if they have Intrinsic Energies™ then they can and should be managed.

Why Manage the Intrinsic Energies™ of Your Relationships?

  • Relationships can be running on outdated information

  • Relationships can be full of old energy (think fears, wounding, lack and limit, etc.)

  • Relationships can be running on old patterns

  • Relationships can be running on old pictures

Let’s take a parent/child relationship as an example.

I can’t tell you how often I see (and did it myself before I was aware,) grown adults reconnect with family only to become the person they were at 15.

We often get locked into pictures, patterns, and outdated information in our family dynamics and it is so common to step into that energy and those pictures and revert to someone we no longer are.

Whether it’s family, or work, or your intimate relationship, or even your relationship with money or other things, it’s so important to clean up, clear, and bring into present time the Intrinsic Energies™ of your relationships.

Try this as a place to start:

  • Think of a relationship you want to clear and update.

  • Step into your Intrinsic Energy Work™ Daily Practice space (don’t have one yet? get yours here:

  • Put an image of the relationship out in front of you – I suggest using a circle as the image.

  • Notice what you can about it. (What does it look like, is it rough or smooth, does it look heavy or light, do you get a sense of heat or coldness, what color is it?)

  • Now, use an energetic magnet or energetic vacuum cleaner to clear out any energy that doesn’t belong in that relationship, or that is out of date, or just isn’t needed.

  • Send that off and blow it up at the edge of the Universe.

  • Next ask for the relationship to come into present time and to update with your healing and growth.

  • and voila! you have clean up and updated this relationship.

  • Intrinsic Energy Work™ then trickles into your real world experience of this relationship. Further clean up & updating may be needed, as healing happens in layers, but this is a great place to start.

Let me know what you notice when you do this exercise. Nothing is inconsequential in energy work. From shifting temperatures to a sense of lightness or brightness to less pressure or tightness in your space, it’s all relevant.

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Christine Agro

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I am a recognized Metaphysical Expert, Clairvoyant, and Master Energy Worker, as well as a Best-Selling and Award-Winning author.

My 2018 book, Awaken & Grow: A Practical Guide for Your Spiritual Journey, at the time, was the sum total of everything I've channeled as well as gleaned from working with thousands of clients and students from across the globe. 

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