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Playful Manifestation: A How-To Guide

Playful Manifestation may just be the missing piece in your manifestation tool-box.

A common thing I see when people ‘try’ to manifest is they start with big things, things that carry a lot of energy and weight, things that can take a while to bring into our lives, and things that we need to be ready for.

Let’s start our how-to by unpacking that sentence so you have a clear understanding of how manifestation works.

When we set out an intention to manifest something we start a process of learning, healing and growing. A process, that when followed, allows us to manifest that intention. Learning to create what you want is one of the biggest ways we step into Self-Mastery and empower ourselves.

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!

But as the saying goes, ‘with great power, comes great responsibility.’

The ability to manifest at will is an incredibly powerful tool. If you think it, it appears. That’s pure power. In order to hone your manifestation skills to that level, you need purity of mind, purity of heart and a Spirit-driven life.

These attributes are acquired by doing ‘the work.’ The work of clearing old pictures and old programming. The work of learning to live in alignment with your own Spirit so that your mind, ego, emotions, and energy are vehicles for your Spirit rather than drivers of your life and your choices.

In order to have the ability of instantaneous manifestation, you have to be ready.

How Do We Get Ready?

By Doing The Work

Doing the work means stepping into conscious awareness. It means finding ways to unravel who you were told to be so that you can find who you are. It means recognizing that this is the journey, our learning, healing, and growing. If you are just getting started and want to better understand your Spiritual Journey – how things unfold, what you are working on, the steps & stages of Spiritual growth, please check out my book Awaken & Grow: A Practical Guide for Your Spiritual Journey.

By Exploring Playful Manifestation

What better way to clear our blocks and fine-tune our abilities than through a playful space? When we try to manifest big things, we set in motion the learning, healing, and growing that needs to happen in order for us to have that big thing. I like to use the example of $1 million dollars.

Here’s why that doesn’t work:

  • It’s an arbitrary number. It doesn’t have meaning on the Spirit level and Spirit wants specificity – it wants and needs the why and what for.

  • Before you can define the why and what for, you need to have purity of mind, purity of heart and be Spirit-driven. Without these three things, you end up creating things that aren’t in alignment with your true purpose and that takes you off track. We do this all the time, and that’s ok, it’s part of the learning, healing & growing process. We get a glimpse of or power and see where we need to refine our abilities. But it means we don’t get to create just anything.

  • And probably, most importantly, if you are trying to learn something through the adversities of being financially challenged (hint, hint) you aren’t going to manifest $1 million dollars until you’ve learned what you need to learn and you have cleared the way. This is why ‘doing the work,’ is so important.

Find Joy In The Unexpected

So instead of focusing on the big things, we practice playful manifestation which lets us:

  • find joy in the expected.

  • explore how we manifest

  • fine-tune our language.

  • learn to express clearly.

  • ultimately create purity of mind and purity of heart.

At the heart of playful manifestation is having joy in what we create and how it shows up. Every day I set out a small intention and am amused at how it shows up. During my morning meditation yesterday, I set out the intention to see a rainbow. My mind fully expected to see a rainbow in the sky. As the day went on, I realized I was seeing rainbows, but not in the sky, I was seeing them on TV and on my computer. I was seeing them through light reflection, and stickers people were sending me in messenger.

Mindful Ease shared not one, but two, rainbows in this image.

Simple Steps To Practice Playful Manifestation

Here are the simple steps to practice playful manifestation:

Base Meditation Space

  • Be seated in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.

  • Ground by intending or visualizing roots growing from your feet into the earth.

  • Take a breath in and out.

  • With your intention (or visualize) there is a beam of light that extends from the base of your tailbone and travels through the center of your body up to the top of your head.

  • Take another breath in and out.

  • Intend that the beam of light moves your body into alignment with the beam.

Playful Manifestation

  • Think of something small, fun, light, or joyful that you want to create or experience. It could be a gift of free food, flowers, unexpected money, to see something specific (like my rainbow) – you get the gist.

  • See the thing you want to manifest in your mind’s eye.

  • Set your intention to have/see/get/experience the thing.

  • Continue seeing the thing in your mind’s eye.

  • Feel what it will feel like to have/see/get/experience the thing.

  • Hand the thing off to your Spirit so you can manifest it.

That’s it. Now you go about your days, and you keep yourself open to how the thing might show up. When it does, take a moment to first, celebrate, and then second, explore how it showed up.

Did it show up how you thought it would? Did it come in an unexpected way? Is there any fine-tuning you can do? For example, I could fine-tune my intention from ‘to see a rainbow,’ (a generic request when we look at it in hindsight,) to ‘to see a rainbow in the sky.’ Now even that may show up in some curious way, but that is the fun of playing with manifestation. We get to see how our thoughts manifest and discover ways to clarify what we really want (purity of mind, purity of heart.)

The last piece of this puzzle is recognizing that developing your ability to manifest is a skill and like any other skill, it requires practice. If you don’t create something the first time you try, try again, and keep trying. One day, that thing you intended will show up and you’ll have a joyful rush of excitement. Keep playing. The more you play, the stronger your ability will become.

I look forward to seeing what you create through this process.

Please share your experiences in the comments!




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