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Understanding Wounding: A Key to Your Healing & Growth

So far we’ve looked at the role Pictures and Programming play in our conscious learning and healing process. (Did you miss those emails? Links are at down there \/) The final piece we need to touch on is Wounding.

The first time you look outside yourself for Validation, or you give up your Truth, or you give up your Power, you create a core wound associated with that Core Life Lesson.

Then, throughout the years, the more you struggle with your Core Life Lessons around Validation, Truth, and Personal Power, the more layers of wounding you pile onto those Core Wounds.

Your TRUE healing begins when you learn to not only understand the wounds but also see them as Intrinsic Energy™ and learn to clear that energy.

That’s why gathering information by reading and watching YouTube videos is only scratching the surface. Understanding is just the top layer.

But this is often where I see people stop.

I’ve said it before and will say it again, Knowledge is Power, but Action is Empowerment.

Let me ask you this:

Do you know what you are working on and have the tools to actually work on it?

Or have you been gathering information, but not doing anything with it? (no judgment if you said ‘yes’ to this, you aren’t alone.)

I see this with people who:

  • follow astrology. What are you doing with the information in your chart? does it just give you information or do you have tools to do something with that information? How does the information help you heal and help you grow?

  • see a therapist. Yes, I’ve been debating whether to call this out. I think therapy is important and I think that it can also keep people hammering away at the same issue for years with little growth and there’s a reason for that. Talking doesn’t necessarily get you to healing your wounds. You may understand them, but you might not heal them because understanding is not healing.

  • have someone else do the work for them. For example Reiki or Energy Workers or Psychics who step in and do the work for you. They clear the energy, they clear the lessons, they give you the answers. You haven’t learned or healed anything for yourself, therefore, you’ve only given yourself a reprieve and in order to let someone heal you, you have to give something away (power, truth, sense of self.) The lesson will be back, this lifetime or another.

The key to your true healing and growth rests in

  • knowing how to work with Pictures, Programming, and Wounds.

  • learning how to see what you are working on and what wound that work created.

  • being able to see how deep the wound goes? when did it start? what caused it? what energies is it made up of?

  • doing the work yourself.

What Does Doing The Work Mean?

I know it doesn’t sound fun or easy, but once you get started, it actually is because you learn, heal, and grow. No more being Stuck.

Doing the work yourself requires that you have the tools TO do the work.

It requires that:

  • you understand the Core Life lessons and how they show up in your life.

  • you step into conscious learning.

  • you understand that healing happens in layers.

  • you learn how to work with Intrinsic Energies™

  • you actively work to clear, shift, and replace Wound energy as it comes up.

This last one is the skeleton key! It unlocks the door to everything you seek.

If you work with me, you will hear me ask students over and over, ‘did you clear it? Did you move it out?’ Oftentimes the answer is ‘no’ with a giggle. And we all laugh because there is zero judgment here.

Your deepest, most incredible growth comes when you move the energy out – whether it’s a lesson, a wound, a picture, or programming, or all of the preceding.

It makes sense, to me at least, (and it will to you too, if you step deeper into this work with me) that at first, we see the information before we remember to clear it.

It follows the ‘how we learn’ pattern.

  • First we notice it after the fact.

  • Then we notice it while we are in it.

  • Then we notice it before we step into it.

  • Then we don’t do it anymore.

So in this case, we remember after the fact that we didn’t clear it, but little by little, it becomes the norm to see it and then clear it.

2022 is a 6 year. It is considered an ‘arrival point.’

The question is, where will you be arriving? What do you want for yourself moving forward?

More spinning your wheels? or are you ready to take action and empower yourself?

If you are feeling a ‘yes’ right now, I invite you to join the Wait List for my program The Key

It starts in the New Year and I only teach it once a year, sometimes once every few years, depending on how many other things I have going on. Right now it’s falling into the, ‘haven’t taught it in a few years,’ category.

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