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Why Is My Mother Relationship So Hard?

Is your Mother Relationship hard?

If you have a challenging relationship with your mother, it's not only your interpersonal dynamics that are complicated; it's also the feelings you have around this relationship.

You've probably asked yourself one of these questions:

  • Why doesn't my mom like me?

  • Why is she so critical?

  • Why do we always argue?

Especially if you are energetically sensitive - this dynamic with your Mom is confusing - shouldn't your Mom be your biggest fan?

It brings feelings of sadness, abandonment, and of being not enough.


At the root of your relationship rests the question, 'what did you want to learn this lifetime - what growth are you here to experience?'

The most simple explanation for 'why we are here,' is this: to learn, heal, and grow (or evolve) and the way we do that is through our relationships. And unfortunately, as humans, we rarely evolve without adversity and conflict.

It is the adversity and conflict that pushes us to create change in our lives.

The kicker is, that most of humanity is trying to do this work in an unaware state - meaning they don't know what they are working on and they don't have any way to work on it.

So the healing and growth they seek are haphazard at best and come with a lot of confusion and emotional pain.

What Are You Working On?

This brings me back to your challenging relationship with your mother.

The most challenging relationships we have, offer the greatest opportunity to do our deeper work.

And that deeper work revolves around learning the three Core Life Evolution Lessons:

  • To validate yourself

  • To own your truth

  • To stand in your power

Unraveling your Mother Relationship dynamics starts here.

If you haven't taken my What's Your Core Life Lesson quiz yet - click the link to take it. (Once you take it, you can choose to receive information to get an in-depth explanation of your Core Life Lesson.

Let Me Know!

Once you have your lesson, drop a comment below and let me know what Core Life Lesson you are currently working on. If it's been a while since you took the quiz, I'd suggest taking it again. Core Life Lessons can shift as we grow.

Next post I'll talk a bit about how these Core Life Lessons might show up in your Mother Relationship


Christine Agro

Hi there!

I'm Christine Agro and for close to 25 years now I have been channeling information from the Collective Consciousness about who we are, what we are working on, and most importantly, how we can learn, heal, and grow and how our individual growth supports the evolution of our Collective experience. 

I am a recognized Metaphysical Expert, Clairvoyant, and Master Energy Worker, as well as a Best-Selling and Award-Winning author.

My 2018 book, Awaken & Grow: A Practical Guide for Your Spiritual Journey, at the time, was the sum total of everything I've channeled as well as gleaned from working with thousands of clients and students from across the globe. 

If you are looking for insight into your journey, why and how life works and unfolds, and more importantly, what to do with all of this information, Awaken & Grow is a great place to start. It's an easy read but packed with information.

If you are interested in working with me, a good place to start is with a one-on-one session. It will give you insight into your journey, what you are working on, how you are working on it, and where your deepest healing and growth live, as well as provide you with an empowered healing experience.

I love community, so please consider joining All About The Vibes, my on-line community.

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